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Software Tester

Affinity with hardware

Information about the Legal Entity

Protecting lives, buildings and assets is the aim of our business sector Bosch Security Systems. The product portfolio includes video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire detection and voice evacuation systems as well as access control and management systems. Professional audio and conference systems for communication of voice, sound and music complete the range. www.boschsecurity.com

Function characteristic

The Embedded Software Tester tests software to detect defects as early as possible. Testing is mainly done by automation. The Software Tester applies Clean Code when producing code. The Embedded SW Tester works in the firmware development team closely with the firmware developers.

Key areas of responsibility

  • Define and set-up test framework to support automatic testing of the Software Under Test (SUT);
  • Decide on which tests to automate and how;
  • Define test cases and write scenario’s and code to test against the specifications;
  • Apply Clean Code principles to Gherkin, glue code, test code,….;
  • Determine which tests to execute when, e.g. daily or per release;
  • Ensure smooth operation of daily testing and firmware staging;
  • Automatically Reports test results;
  • Submitting defects of failing test cases;
  • Documents (changes to) the design;
  • Align with other testers (application / system) to ensure sufficient test coverage.

Main experience required

  • Experience in programming in Python;
  • Experience in Linux and IP Networks;
  • Experience in using happy flows, alternative flows and sad flows;
  • Experience in Functional Testing but also Non-Functional testing like e.g. “ility” Testing;
  • Experience in Configuration Management tools like e.g. Subversion, Git Necessary know how / skills;
  • University education in computer or software science at Bachelor level or higher;
  • Specific knowledge of test technologies like e.g. boundary testing and equivalence partitioning;
  • Affinity with hardware;
  • Intelligent, abstract, analytical and creative thinker;
  • Has a strong drive to produce Clean Code and support/create a stable test environment.