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Emotion, performance and fan experience

Sport is emotion, entertainment and, moreover, it keeps people fit. But sport is also about data these days. For more and more professional sports clubs, the use of a large amount of data, which is increasingly easier to access, plays an important role in the game. As an innovation partner of FC Utrecht, LINKIT has developed several solutions in the field of data and sports. Among other things, by setting up a data platform for analysis and co-developing IoT applications for smart parking.

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Trends in sports

Sport is digitizing at a rapid pace. In addition to the VAR, or the video referee, there are dozens of points on and around the sports field where data is collected using technology. And data analysis makes results measurable and can help clubs improve performance. But, together with better connectivity through 5G, it also offers enormous opportunities for sports marketing and thus a more intensive fan experience.

5G in stadiums


Technology and sports blending in

technologie en sports

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Smart parking spaces as the solution to more than one problem

Building smart parking solutions with Hive for FC Utrecht

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Smart parking is potentially an ideal solution for the mobility problem around the Galgenwaard stadium, home of FC Utrecht. By adding IoT sensors to the parking bays you can see whether they are full or empty and, more importantly, add a booking system. But it can also be the solution to the broader mobility problem that surrounding neighbourhoods experience on match days.

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