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The step to embracing IoT and making it work for your organization is sometimes found exciting at the beginning. It is part of your IT strategy but requires specific knowledge and skills from an organization. In addition, IoT devices work best when all data can be collected and processed centrally in one place. The HIVE platform offers a solution. With two components: the HIVE Baseline and the HIVE portal, your IoT devices are in your cloud environment, and you can easily manage all (different) IoT devices.

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Smart parking spaces as the solution to more than one problem

Building smart parking solutions with Hive for FC Utrecht

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Smart parking is potentially an ideal solution for the mobility problem around the Galgenwaard stadium, home of FC Utrecht. By adding IoT sensors to the parking bays you can see whether they are full or empty and, more importantly, add a booking system. But it can also be the solution to the broader mobility problem that surrounding neighbourhoods experience on match days.

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