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Data is or should be, the single most determinant factor in business decisions. In many cases even automated. But where companies increasingly focus on collecting valuable data, the question remains how exactly do you organize this? Decision-makers are almost rarely techies. Offering them a data warehouse, therefore, makes little sense. At the same time, a simple dashboard is not always enough. You want to be able to click through on the data to gain insight into how results are structured and, as a decision-maker, you can also extract your own insights from it. A data platform, usually in the cloud, is an ideal solution for this. It is, as it were, the ‘go-between’ between a data lake and a dashboard, where a dashboard can easily be connected to deliver the data in a structured way.

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Within a month on the way to a fully automated infrastructure on the AWS cloud

Within a month on the way to a fully automated infrastructure on the AWS cloud

Kokerellen in de AWS keuken met Kafka

As one of LINKIT’s more experienced Cloud professionals, Anthony Potappel is not easily surprised by a challenge he encounters. He was hired by an insurer on a special and challenging assignment for less than a month, setting up his own Kafka service for a pilot application on the AWS Cloud. This proved to test him in new ways, while for the client it was a nice first step towards realizing the long-term plans of the company, whereby the majority of the infrastructure must run on the AWS Cloud.

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