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Accelerate digital transformation with high-performance low-code

What is OutSystems?

OutSystems is one of the leading low-code development platforms. With low-code, you develop applications up to 10 times faster than traditional development. Because the interface is visualised, you don’t work in endless lines of programming code. Result: extensive programming knowledge is not required for development. With the rapid development process of low-code, you can adapt quickly. For example, when customer expectations change, OutSystems can improve your customer experience more quickly. The platform is one of the low-code platform leaders in Gartner’s latest report!

When do you choose OutSystems?

OutSystems is a platform focused on pure low-code functionalities. It is solid and flexible for software developers. And it is a platform characterised by fast development time due to its high productivity.

  • An even faster time-to-market with high-performance low-code. Productivity and development speed is high due to reusable & intuitive elements. Both developers and ‘non-technical’ persons let you collaborate in OutSystems.
  • Develop without the limitations of no-code. The flexibility allows you to add your own code and extend complex applications.
  • Link all your other applications & data via the integration possibilities.

Are you looking for software that suits your business needs? Our discovery scan maps out your IT needs in 5 days. The scan is your starting point for a successful low-code journey.

How we help you with OutSytems

You will need more than a platform to reach your end goal. Let our consultants help you to start your low-code journey. And continue building true digital innovation together.


We help you choose a low-code platform and define a development question with a discovery scan.

OutSystems Consultancy

Solutions & Custom Software

Need planning software, inventory management or customization? We develop it all based on your requirements.

OutSystems Solutions & Maatwerk

Support & Training

Are you planning to build an application? Maintain and manage it by our developers. OutSystems Management as a Service!

OutSystems LOMAAS

Quick Response Team

Do you have an urgent development question? Our flexible team makes sure you get quick results.

OutSystems Rapid Response Team

OutSystems Architecture Scan

Is your OutSystems environment no longer doing what it should be doing? With a scan, we map all bottlenecks in your environment. Your starting point for a healthier platform.

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MOVE IT Data Mover

Migrating data to different environments can be complex and time-consuming. MOVE IT is an OutSystems migration tool, developed by LINKIT to simplify and automate the data migration process. Read more about MOVE IT here.


Why choose LINKIT as an OutSystems partner?

Are you considering OutSystems as a low-code platform? Or are you looking for a partner to help you develop and support? Having an OutSystems partner brings a fresh perspective to your organisation. We do this by working through the 4D model: Dream-Design-Develop-Drive. First, we want to understand your development question properly and together we will explore the smartest solution. Can we convert an Excel sheet into an app? Yes, sure! But let’s first examine what problem we are creating a solution for. That way, we challenge you to come up with a smarter solution. We then build the solution together or by ourselves. And support and train you after we create the application.

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Low-code projects we did before

Every day, we work with clients to develop and maintain low-code applications. Read below about the projects we have done before.

We help these clients develop faster

Ready to accelerate with OutSystems?

Do you want to get started with low-code and wonder which platform is the best fit? Or are you looking for a fresh, innovative take on your existing application landscape? Contact us and tell us your story. Together we will make you a low-code hero!

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