IT in manufacturing: a technological and cultural shift

The factory becomes an IT-driven robot

With the help of IoT sensors, data and algorithms, production becomes smarter and more efficient

The factory is increasingly being transformed into a computer-controlled robot. With IoT sensors, intelligent algorithms, data, and robots, much of the production can be carried out 24/7. Many factories are now switching to ‘smart technology’ to support or partially replace their production. There are, however, some significant challenges. Factories are traditionally not IT-driven organizations. Knowledge and expertise often have to be obtained from outside. But even that is no guarantee, as every factory and sector has its own factors that determine how best to use things like predictive maintenance and automated quality inspection. A move to Industry 4.0 is much more significant than just installing new technology. It is also a culture change (adoption) that fundamentally changes the way of working. This can make processes more efficient, transparent, and flexible when used correctly.

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Trends in the manufacturing industry

Shock waves in the global economy reveal vulnerabilities in production and distribution chains. The supply of semi-finished products, chips and indispensable parts is more complex, and companies are looking for a solution in nearshoring or reshoring: production closer to home. Production closer to home is often more expensive, but costly maintenance can be made more efficient with predictive maintenance—more efficient and accurate maintenance with fewer people. Automation and robotization will continue to be leading in many factories in the coming years. For example, with automated quality control, production can be done much more efficiently, while the quality of the output is guaranteed to be even better. A lot of profit can be achieved by integrating systems and processes, such as linking stock management and logistics.

Reshoring production

Predictive maintenance

Extensive automation

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Within a month on the way to a fully automated infrastructure on the AWS cloud

Within a month on the way to a fully automated infrastructure on the AWS cloud

Kokerellen in de AWS keuken met Kafka

As one of LINKIT’s more experienced Cloud professionals, Anthony Potappel is not easily surprised by a challenge he encounters. He was hired by an insurer on a special and challenging assignment for less than a month, setting up his own Kafka service for a pilot application on the AWS Cloud. This proved to test him in new ways, while for the client it was a nice first step towards realizing the long-term plans of the company, whereby the majority of the infrastructure must run on the AWS Cloud.

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