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When the demands of companies are increasing, and there is less time for solutions, the anchor of a legacy system weighs more and more. These are often high-cost systems, they quickly become obsolete, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find people who can still maintain the systems. The longer you wait to switch to modern custom IT systems, the more backlog you build up. The government and logistics are pre-eminently sectors where the legacy software problem is strongly felt. LINKIT has extensive experience replacing a Transport Management System (TMS) with Low-code. Unique to low-code is the ability to build a new layer on top of the existing legacy system. This makes it possible to quickly deliver new functionality to your users, automate processes and integrate your new (TMS) system with other core applications. While all this already works, you can phase out the old legacy system ‘under the hood’.

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Building a supermarket for supermarkets in low code

Executing a Proof of Concept for an app to easily request new products

Een supermarkt voor supermarkten bouwen in low-code

Just like consumers buy their products online, supermarkets also have to buy or request their products from somewhere. This is often done centrally. The chain is then organized in such a way that each country orders its products from the supermarket’s head office. A German supermarket holding company recently asked LINKIT to build a PoC (Proof of Concept) to validate a better way of ordering. The question is: is it possible to order products directly from a catalogue with a simple web app, where most of the requested information is already filled in automatically? In this way, every supermarket buyer can easily choose from all possible products that the chain has to offer. So a supermarket for the supermarket.

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