Order to cash automation

Order to cash automation

Accelerate cash flow with automating the order to cash process

What does order to cash automation mean?

Order to cash automation (O2C) includes all the technology you deploy to automate the steps from order to payment. Automating these steps involves managing orders, sending invoices, and receiving payments, all without manual intervention.

The goal is to make these processes more efficient, reduce errors and increase the speed of receiving payments. One of the main benefits of order-to-cash automation is improved cash flow.

Faster processing times and fewer errors mean companies get paid faster, which is essential for maintaining healthy operations. This ensures better financial stability, enabling an organization to invest more in growth and development.

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Automate the steps in your order to cash process

An efficient and optimized order-to-cash process is important for operational efficiency and improved cash flow. In addition, a faster process also increases customer satisfaction. At each step of the order to cash process, the benefits listed below can be achieved.

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A new order kicks off the entire O2C process! Automating a new order allows for lightning-fast processing. An Integration between a digital customer portal with a processing system can ensure that the order reaches the next step in the O2C process seamlessly and automatically.

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Order Fulfilment

Now that the order has been registered, it starts the logistics process to deliver the order to the customer. The automation and integration into an inventory management or warehouse system ensure that the logistics process is as quick as possible. The goal is to pick, package and ship orders as efficiently and cost-reducingly as possible.

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For an efficient O2C process, the creation of invoices must be fast and accurate. Automation by sending out invoices as quickly as possible can have a direct impact on improving cash flow. In addition, automating human input reduces the chance of errors occurring.

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Payment collections

Receiving payments on time is important to a company’s liquidity. Without automation, receiving and processing payments can be less efficient, directly affecting cash flow. With automation and integration between different software, you facilitate faster payment processing including payment reminders.

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Insight into the entire order-to-cash process is essential for continuous improvement. Manual reporting can be time-consuming and incomplete. Automating with software generates data for up-to-date insights, which helps make data-driven decisions and further optimize the O2C process.

Develop order to cash software that fits your needs

Let our consultants help you set up the software and everything that comes with it. Together, we will continue to build true digital innovation.


We help you make the right choice for developing the software with a discovery scan.

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Develop software

Need software for your order to cash process? We develop it based on your requirements.

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Training & support

Application ready? Let us maintain it or/ and train your new developers.

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A partner for order to cash automation software

Are you considering order to cash software as a solution for your business? Or are you looking for a partner who can help you in its development and support? Having a software partner brings a fresh perspective to your organization. At LINKIT, we follow the 4D-model: Dream-Design-Develop-Drive.

First, we want to fully understand your development needs, and together, we explore the most intelligent solution. Can we transform an Excel sheet into an app? Absolutely! But first, let’s investigate the problem we aim to solve. This challenges you to arrive at a smarter solution.

Subsequently, we build the solution together or independently. We provide support and training once the application is developed. As a dedicated partner, we collaborate with organizations daily to develop and maintain applications.We bouwen daarna samen of zelf aan de oplossing. En ondersteunen en trainen je wanneer de applicatie is gebouwd. Als toegewijde partner werken we dagelijks samen met organisaties om applicaties te ontwikkelen en onderhouden.

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Your benefits
– We understand your question and challenge you to develop the smartest solution
– You collaborate with our experienced and international squad of +80 developers
– We work quickly and flexibly on your development request
– LINKIT has been awarded as the best software development employer by Computable. You will always work with happy consultants!

Software projects we’ve developed

Every day, we collaborate with clients on the development and maintenance of applications. Read below about the projects we worked on before.

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Ready for a more efficient order to cash management process?

Need help developing order to cash software? Or do you want to take the next step in development? Our consultants are happy to think along with you! Feel free to contact us and tell us your story.

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Omid Darroudi