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Data engineering helps you extract more value from raw data

What is Data Engineering?

Within data teams, you come across different forms of what a data engineer does. At its core, data engineering is about creating a road network for information. Data engineers are the builders. They ensure that data flows from one place to another. They also collect information, check if it is correct, and ensure it is stored securely.

During processing, data engineers make the data usable. Other people, such as data analysts or data scientists, then use this converted information. They use this data to create valuable insights, such as how customers use a product or which products sell the most. These insights play an essential role in making the right decisions for businesses. With a solid foundation of data engineering, organisations develop better-informed strategies to strengthen their competitive position.

What is the difference between data engineering and data science?

Data engineering and data science are highly complementary but have different roles. Data engineers focus on transforming complex data into a usable form.

On the other hand, data scientists use this usable data to discover patterns and trends. They deploy statistical models and apply machine learning algorithms to make predictions, such as sales forecasts. This enables the organisation to make better decisions.

Organizations sometimes misjudge the essential role data engineering has in a data team. Data scientists and analysts are then tasked with doing as much as possible with the current data. Only then the data turns out not to be useful or reliable. The cause? Too little thought has gone into data engineering, resulting in minimal usable data. So our tip: start by getting a good data engineering organization in place!

Data Engineering versus Data Science

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Data Maturity Calculator

How efficiently does your organisation process data?

Data Platform Checklist

Where do you start your data management journey?

Client Case with KLM

An efficient infrastructure for KLM’s predictive models

How we help you to get more out of data

Want to get more out of your data but don’t have useful or right data? Let our engineers and project teams give you a hand and take the next step toward a data-driven organization!

Cloud data platform

Bring processed data together centrally in the cloud and get valuable insights. This is how we help you set up a cloud data platform.

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Data pipelines

Are you dealing with large amounts of complex data? With data pipelines, you make unstructured data usable and available.

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Data Engineer talent

Are you looking for reinforcement? We train talent to become data engineers. They gain experience with you. A match? You can possibly take over after one year!

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Why choose LINKIT as your data partner?

Are you looking for a partner to help you develop a data platform or pipelines? Or are you looking for a partner to help you maintain and manage? Having a data partner provides a fresh perspective in your organisation. We do this by working through the 4D model: Dream-Design-Develop-Drive. First, we want to properly understand your needs and explore together what the most innovative way forward is. As an AWS partner & Microsoft Azure partner, we work daily with organisations to build and manage data pipelines & data platforms.

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