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The Javascript ecosystem provides robust solutions for Fullstack web and mobile applications. Backends driven by Node.js and multiplatform frontends built-in modern frameworks such as React and Angular form a large part of the modern application landscape for companies in, among others, Retail, E-commerce and Logistics. Our Fullstack experts use the latest technologies to load web apps on your users’ devices quickly. Essential in a world where every second makes a difference. At LINKIT, we believe in applying design thinking at an early stage so as not only to develop a fast and good web app but also one that really serves the user!

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How UX design kickstarts restaurant app MyDish


It is a major challenge for restaurants and cafes to find suitable staff and thus maintain their service level. A possible solution for this is digitization, whereby restaurant visitors, for example, order and pay for themselves. But how you do that, without compromising customer friendliness and customer experience, is still quite a challenge. At restaurant app MyDish they have every confidence that it is possible. With LINKIT UX design as a “secret weapon” and Fullstack skills as the workhorse.

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