Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Creating business value through design thinking

Problem to IT-solution with design thinking

Don’t let your IT-projects fail again and start with facing your real problems

Have you ever been part of an IT-project that wasn’t smooth or a real success? Changing scopes, technical debt or inefficient projects? We often think we know the solution intuitively. But what if the problem you have a solution for isn’t even the real problem? Fortunately, there is a framework to find out. With design thinking, you fully empathize with your end-user, just like a designer does when he or she designs something. Design thinking consists of five parts: empathy, ideate, design, prototype and test. You can apply all five at the same time through a four-day design sprint. A proven method that is nowadays widely used as a starting point for complex issues. Design thinking at LINKIT is standard incorporated into our Way of Working.

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Super-fast modular configuration with no margin for error

Twenty times as many calculations in the same amount of time

Supersnel modulair configureren zonder foutmarge

With an application for ModuleMakers, a corporate start-up that emerged from tech giant Croonwolter&dros, LINKIT captured a complex engineering and calculation process in one handy program with the help of the OutSystems platform

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Feel free to contact us and tell us your story. We discuss how a design sprint fits your use case and take the first step to clarify your problem. All to get your successful IT-project started.

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