Develop with low-code 10 times faster than traditional development

What is low-code?

Discover low-code: a revolutionary way to build applications quickly and efficiently. With low-code platforms, you can create software without the need for complex programming knowledge. Writing code from scratch is no longer necessary thanks to pre-built building blocks. Low-code development is 90% visual and 10% custom coding, ensuring your application meets all your requirements. Use visual interfaces, drag-and-drop functionality, and pre-built components to design the desired functionalities.

Low-code is comparable to Lego. While Lego fosters creativity in the physical world, low-code platforms drive innovation in the digital realm. Both low-code and Lego empower you to bring your ideas to life, whether it’s building tangible structures or creating advanced applications.

Low-code benefits

Faster application development

With low-code platforms, you can build applications much faster compared to traditional development methods. Visual interfaces and drag-and-drop functionality accelerate the development process, allowing developers to focus on designing features instead of manual coding. Learn more about the differences in our article low-code vs high-code.

Reduced complexity

Low-code requires less in-depth programming knowledge, enabling non-technical professionals and business users to participate in the development process. This fosters collaboration within teams and increases engagement from various stakeholders.

Cost savings

The faster development time and the ability to work with fewer programmers lead to significant cost savings. This results in a higher ROI for application development projects.

Faster time-to-market

With low-code, applications are launched faster, allowing organizations to respond swiftly to market demands and gain a competitive advantage.

Flexibility and Scalability

Low-code platforms are versatile and can be used for various applications, such as mobile apps, web applications, and workflow automation. Adapt quickly to changing needs and new opportunities. Low-code applications can be easily adjusted and expanded as the company grows, without incurring significant redevelopment costs.

Simple management

As applications are developed on a standardized low-code platform, management and maintenance become simpler and less time-consuming. Implement updates and changes more quickly.

How we help you with low-code

You will need more than a platform to reach your end goal. Let our consultants help you to get the proper use case for your low-code application. And continue building true digital innovation together.


We help you choose a low-code platform and define a development question with a discovery scan.

OutSystems Consultancy

Solutions & Custom Software

Need planning software, inventory management or customization? We develop it all based on your requirements.

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Support & Training

Are you planning to build an application? Maintain and manage it by our developers.

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Why choose LINKIT as a low-code partner?

Are you considering working with a low-code platform? Or are you looking for a partner to help you develop and support? Having a low-code partner brings a fresh perspective to your organisation. We do this by working through the 4D modelDream-Design-Develop-Drive. 

First, we want to understand your development question properly and together we will explore the smartest solution. Can we convert an Excel sheet into an app? Yes, sure! But let’s first examine what problem we are creating a solution for. That way, we challenge you to come up with a smarter solution. We then build the solution together or by ourselves. And support and train you after we create the application.

Your benefits
– We understand your question and challenge you to develop the smartest solution
– Quickly and flexibly work on your development request.
– LINKIT has been awarded as the best software development employer by Computable. You always work with happy consultants!

We accelerate with these customers as low-code partner

Our low-code heroes



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Lead Mendix
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Cecile Maan

Mendix Developer
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Eric Bulters

Principal OutSystems Developer
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Low-code platform

Many different platforms exist in the market. From our LINKIT knowledge squads, we work with the two leaders in the enterprise low-code market, Mendix & OutSystems.


With Mendix as a low-code platform, you bring IT & Business closer together. Thanks to the intuitive interface and visualisation, you also let ‘non-technical’ people work in Mendix, which means you involve them in the development process. In addition, Mendix is a platform where you can run cloud-native applications and easily integrate with external systems. Read more about Mendix here.

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The OutSystems platform focuses on pure low-code functionality or High-Performance low-code. Software developers are flexible to add their own code and extend complex applications without limitations. In addition, you develop at breakneck speed due to high productivity and reusable components. Read more about Outsystems here.

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Ready to accelerate with low-code?

Do you want to get started with low-code and wonder which platform is the best fit? Or are you looking for a fresh and innovative view on your existing application landscape? Contact us and tell us your story.

Omid Darroudi

Omid Darroudi