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Functional consultancy

Functional consultants are the link between business and IT.

What is functional consultancy?

Functional consultancy is crucial for the smooth operation of applications within organizations. The content of the tasks is very diverse, ranging from designing and implementing processes, resolving incidents, writing manuals, and supporting users to guiding migration processes. The work of a functional consultant is difficult to capture in a single image.

Functional consultants serve as the connecting link between all stakeholders. A consultant always looks for ways to improve efficiency and is a true process improver.

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Meet our functional consultants

Get to know our dedicated team. Our functional consultant Edwin, briefly shares his experiences at LINKIT, what it’s like to be a functional consultant, and the challenges that come with it.

Edwin is a functional consultant at DUS-I. Within this department, he provides functional consultancy for a custom (IBM-based) application, where process support is often required. He derives energy, among other things, from the challenge of thoroughly analyzing and solving problems and from learning new things.

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Edwin functional consultant

Edwin Kuiper

Why is functional consultancy important?


Functional consultancy ensures that applications always work well and align with the organization’s needs. This minimizes disruptions and downtime, resulting in increased application availability.

End user satisfaction

Another aspect is ensuring that applications are intuitive and user-friendly for end users. This enhances the acceptance and utilization of the systems within the organization.

Collaboration and engagement

Functional consultants act as intermediaries between stakeholders and IT. They collaborate with various departments and understand the needs of stakeholders, enabling them to provide effective solutions.”

Cost control

By minimizing disruptions, conducting updates more efficiently, and collaborating with IT teams, functional consultants contribute to long-term cost savings.

Functional consultancy bootcamp

On March 1, 2024, the bootcamp started at our office. Our trainees undergo a comprehensive and intensive training program lasting for 6 weeks. Afterward, they are prepared for a challenging and full-fledged entry-level role as functional consultants within LINKIT. The trainees obtain their LEAN Green Belt, ITIL certificate, and Agile/Scrum certificates, and participate in the professional training for Functional Consultancy Specialists, including certification.

The trainees are in for a highly educational experience. Learning doesn’t stop after the bootcamp, as the focus remains on deploying and expanding personal and technical knowledge, both after the bootcamp and during the first year!”

Upcoming functional consultancy events

Marieke is Functional Manager in government. And no, it’s certainly not boring

How eHerkenning is managed behind the scenes

As a Functional Consultant you are the ‘translator’ between the business and the IT realm. Usually, a business has development plans which must be carried out by an IT team. Marieke has since been on assignment at LOGIUS, a government organization, which handles and manages many of the digital businesses in the government. Marieke and her team are mainly working on the eHerkenning system, an authorization method between suppliers and the government.

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Get to know us even better!

If you want to learn more about our functional consultants or find out if the team is a good fit for you, get in touch with Marieke, the squad lead of the functional consultants, and discover everything about functional consultancy at LINKIT!

Marieke Meelker