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Digital transition for citizens and politicians

A massive challenge for the coming years

The Dutch government is on the eve of a far-reaching digital transition, as presented in the I-strategy of the central government (2021-2025). She faces some colossal challenges digitally. The call for more, better, ethically correct and transparent information for both citizens and politicians can only be fulfilled if the government’s IT landscape also provides for it. However, the unique regulations (often leading to many exceptions) that only apply to government systems make it difficult to switch to standard solutions in the cloud. At the same time, existing systems are often ‘legacy’, which means, among other things, that suppliers stop or plan to carry out maintenance.

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Digital themes and the government’s I-strategy

The central government’s I-strategy lists ten digital themes on which the government must focus in the coming years. These are the themes to which LINKIT can contribute.

Digital resilience

digital resilience

Legacy at scale

legacy at scale

Digital accessibility

Digital accessibility


Marieke is Functional Manager in government. And no, it’s certainly not boring

How eHerkenning is managed behind the scenes

As a Functional Consultant you are the ‘translator’ between the business and the IT realm. Usually, a business has development plans which must be carried out by an IT team. Marieke has since been on assignment at LOGIUS, a government organization, which handles and manages many of the digital businesses in the government. Marieke and her team are mainly working on the eHerkenning system, an authorization method between suppliers and the government.

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