Custom time registration software

Time registration software

Efficiency at the forefront and cost control with time registration software.

Time registration software as a solution

Time registration software assists organizations in managing, analyzing, and invoicing the time employees dedicate to various activities. Opt for custom software that allows you to accurately record and manage hours.

A time registration system helps you manage labor costs, automate billing, track projects, and enhance productivity. Gain better control over costs and efficiency.

time registration software

The key aspects of time registration software

Custom time registration software for your company

Customized time registration software provides a high level of flexibility. With a tailor-made system, you align the software with your company’s unique workflows and processes. The system can be easily adjusted to meet the specific needs of your organization, including setting up custom fields and reporting functionalities. The automation features link time registration to tasks and effortlessly generate reports and invoices. With comprehensive reporting and analysis capabilities, you gain insights into time usage, cost analysis, and productivity.

A tailor-made system is also scalable. By building your time registration software with low-code, you are prepared for business growth. Standard software, often cheaper initially, does not scale and can become more expensive in the long run. With low-code, software grows with your business, eliminating the need for migration.

User-friendly time registration

User-friendliness is crucial for improved adoption of the application and increases the likelihood that your employees will fill in their hours. Your system will have an intuitive interface and easy navigation through the right design strategy. Together with our UX designers, we explore what works best for your employees. Prevent employees from entering hours incorrectly or falling behind for weeks in filling out their hours. Additionally, you have the option to track hours on mobile through a user-friendly app. This allows employees to effortlessly keep track of their time registration, even on the go.

An integrated and secure system

We build a time registration system using a low-code platform. This provides integrations with various business software, including accounting systems, CRM platforms, and project management tools, allowing you to optimize your data flows. Security and privacy are also crucial components. Employee data is securely stored, and privacy guidelines are adhered to. Your application will have features to meet legal requirements related to working hours, payroll, and reporting, ensuring compliance at all times.

The approach to developing software for time registration software

Having just the software is not the end of your journey. Let our consultants assist you in setting up the software for your system and maintaining the application. Together, we continue to build real digital innovation.


We assist you in making the right choice for the approach of developing the software through a discovery scan.

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Software development

Need custom software for time registration software? We develop it all based on your preferences.

Training & support

Application built? Let us maintain it every month. We’ll also train your new developers.

Digital accessibility

A partner for developing time registration software

Are you considering a customer portal as a solution for your business? Or are you searching for a partner who can assist you in its development and support? Having a software partner brings a fresh perspective to your organization. At LINKIT, we follow the 4D model: Dream-Design-Develop-Drive.

First, we want to fully understand your development needs, and together, we explore the most intelligent solution. Can we transform an Excel sheet into an app? Absolutely! But first, let’s investigate the problem we aim to solve. This challenges you to arrive at a smarter solution.

Subsequently, we build the solution together or independently. We provide support and training once the application is developed. As a dedicated partner, we collaborate with organizations daily to develop and maintain applications.

Time registration software consultants LINKIT

Your benefits
– We understand your question and challenge you to develop the smartest solution
– You collaborate with our experienced and international squad of +80 developers
– We work quickly and flexibly on your development request
– LINKIT has been awarded as the best software development employer by Computable. You will always work with happy consultants!

Software projects we’ve developed before

We collaborate with clients every day to develop and maintain applications. Read below about the projects we’ve done in the past.

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Lidl Netherlands

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Ready for customized time registration software that gives you more control over costs and efficiency? Let us assist you and experience the benefits of an expert partner who helps you achieve your goals. Together, we take the next step toward a more efficient and optimized process.”

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