Inventory management

The power of inventory management software. Seamless integration for a smooth workflow.

Inventory management software as a solution

Always have real-time visibility into your inventory, check product availability instantly, and serve your customers with lightning speed. Inventory management software not only gives you control over your inventory but also empowers you to optimize your sales strategy.

With detailed reports and analyses, you gain insights into trends, demand patterns, and seasonal shifts. With this knowledge, you can refine your sales forecasts and align your inventory levels precisely with demand. No more unnecessary expenses on excess stock and no more frustrating “out of stock” notifications.

Benefits of inventory management software

Efficient inventory management

With the help of automated systems, the software gathers real-time information and updates inventory levels, reducing manual work and the likelihood of human errors.

The software provides insights into demand patterns, delivery cycles, and seasonal trends, enabling you to make better-informed decisions regarding inventory levels and order quantities. Reduce excess stock and avoid shortages through more efficient inventory management.

Real-time inventory tracking

The current information on the location and availability of products is accessed through scanning barcodes, RFID technologies, and integrated systems. This enables you to manage inventory levels accurately, expedite order processing, and inform customers promptly about product availability.

Real-time inventory tracking also aids in reducing losses, theft, and obsolete stock, thereby enhancing the company’s profitability.

Optimization of the supply chain

The software aids in making predictions through advanced analyses and forecasts. This includes demand forecasting, identifying trends, and planning for procurement and production. This helps reduce the risk of shortages and avoids excessive inventory and unnecessary costs.

By enabling better collaboration with suppliers, it results in shorter lead times, lower costs, and a more reliable supply chain.

Integration with other business systems

Integrate inventory management software seamlessly with other business systems, such as accounting software and point-of-sale solutions. Utilize the integration to share and synchronize data across different departments. This enhances communication and increases operational efficiency.

When a sales order is placed, inventory levels are automatically updated, purchase orders generated, and invoicing handled. Automating these processes eliminates redundant work and boosts overall productivity.

The approach to developing inventory management software

With just the software, you haven’t reached your final goal yet. Let our consultants assist you in setting up the software and everything that comes with it. Together, we’ll continue building towards real digital innovation.


We assist you in making the right choice for the approach of developing the software through a discovery scan.

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Software development

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Training & support

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A partner for inventory management software

Are you considering inventory management software as a solution for your business? Or are you searching for a partner who can assist you in its development and support? Having a software partner brings a fresh perspective to your organization. At LINKIT, we follow the 4D-model: Dream-Design-Develop-Drive.

First, we want to fully understand your development needs, and together, we explore the most intelligent solution. Can we transform an Excel sheet into an app? Absolutely! But first, let’s investigate the problem we aim to solve. This challenges you to arrive at a smarter solution.

Subsequently, we build the solution together or independently. We provide support and training once the application is developed. As a dedicated partner, we collaborate with organizations daily to develop and maintain applications.

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Your benefits
– We understand your question and challenge you to develop the smartest solution
– You collaborate with our experienced and international squad of +80 developers
– We work quickly and flexibly on your development request
– LINKIT has been awarded as the best software development employer by Computable. You will always work with happy consultants!

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Every day, we collaborate with clients on the development and maintenance of applications. Read below about the projects we worked on before.

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So, what are you waiting for? Choose inventory management software and enjoy the benefits of an expert partner that helps you achieve your goals. Together, we take the next step towards a more efficient and optimized process.

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Justin Bunnik