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Trends in retail

The retail market is changing. Customer expectations continue to rise, margins are under pressure, labour is scarce and ‘traditional’ business models are struggling. As a retailer, how do you deal with these challenges? And how do you ensure a sustainable and durable business model? With low-code, you take a step in the right direction and accelerate digital innovation.

Low-code & Retail

Low-code is the solution for retailers to innovate quickly and meet changing customer needs. For instance, low-code makes it easy to develop mobile apps for personalised and digital shopping experiences. You also automate complex back-end processes with low-code. Important processes which help you reduce operational costs. For the use of low-code within retail, we previously saw the following uses and applications:

Low-code retail app

Workflow Management

Make your operation more efficient by automating recurring tasks and activities. Read more about workflow management here.

Inventory Management

Create control by real-time insight in your inventory status and empower your sales strategy. Read more about inventory management here.

Customer Portal

Make customer friendly applications for multiple audiences and increase satisfaction. Read more about customer portals here.

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Order to Cash Automation

Accelerate cash flow: automate and integrate the complete order management process. Read more about order to cash automation.

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Low-code helps retailers:
– With replacing and improving processes
– By accelerating digital innovation
– Who need lots of applications and customization
– To respond quickly to new market developments

Software for low-code

Many different platforms exist in the low-code market. From our LINKIT knowledge squads, we work with the two leaders in the enterprise low-code market, Mendix & OutSystems.


With Mendix as a low-code platform, you bring IT & Business closer together. Thanks to the intuitive interface and visualisation, you also let ‘non-technical’ people work in Mendix, which means you involve them in the development process. In addition, Mendix is a platform where you can run cloud-native applications and easily integrate with external systems. Read more about Mendix here.

Mendix Retail


The OutSystems platform focuses on pure low-code functionality or High-Performance low-code. Software developers are flexible to add their own code and extend complex applications without limitations. In addition, you develop at breakneck speed due to high productivity and reusable components. Read more about Outsystems here.

OutSystems retail

Discovery scan

Are you looking for software that suits your business needs? Our discovery scan maps out your IT needs in 5 days. The scan is your starting point for a successful low-code journey.

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LINKIT as low-code partner in retail

Are you considering low-code to innovate digitally as a retailer? Or are you looking for a partner to help you develop and support? Having a low-code partner provides a fresh perspective in your organization. Your benefits of working with LINKIT are:

  • We understand your question and challenge you to develop the smartest solution.
  • Working with our experienced low-code squads of 80+ developers, including as many as 5 MVP’s.
  • Working quickly and flexibly on your development question
  • Computable has awarded LINKIT as the best software development employer. You always work with happy consultants!
LINKIT low-code partner in retail

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Are you a retailer looking to get started with low-code and wondering which platform is the best fit? Or are you looking for an innovative take on your existing application landscape? Contact us and tell us your story.

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