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Don’t stay behind your competition because of legacy build up, knowledge leaving and more, modernize your tech stack.

In today’s digital age, many businesses struggle to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology trends. Does your organization resonate with any of the following issues?

  • You have team members with specialized knowledge who are nearing retirement. Their departure will create knowledge gaps that are difficult to fill.
  • You’re noticing your competitors harnessing the power of new tech solutions to gain a competitive edge.
  • You’re dealing with an increasing amount of legacy systems that slow you down, hold you back, and increase operational costs.

If you’ve nodded in agreement to any or all of the above, your business could significantly benefit from modernizing your tech stack. We’re here to guide you. On this page you can find a lot of information about modernizing your tech stack, but off course we are always happy to help and guide in person. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Why modernize your tech stack?

Modernizing your tech stack not only resolves these immediate problems but also prepares your business for the future.

Competitive Advantage:

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s innovate or perish. Stay ahead of the game with advanced tech solutions that enhance efficiency, enable better decision-making, and drive superior customer experiences.

Legacy System Overhaul:

Moving away from obsolete technologies reduces the cost and complexity of maintaining legacy systems. It also helps minimize security risks associated with outdated software.

Knowledge Retention:

Modern technologies are intuitive, well-documented, and community-driven. The departure of an employee no longer means the loss of critical systems understanding.

Maybe low-code is the way for your legacy replacement. Let’s put it to the test!

Building a low code application in (almost) 3 weeks

In 3 weken (bijna) zelf een low code applicatie bouwen

Building an app in OutSystems. Is that coding or configuring? This idea was discussed at the program table of the Vechtstromen water board. In essence, the conversation was about a new OutSystems app that the water board built in-house, with support from LINKIT.

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Modernize your tech stack cases

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Lidl Netherlands

Discover how LINKIT can help you navigate the tech evolution

As a leading IT solutions provider, we specialize in helping businesses like yours revitalize their technology landscape. Our team of skilled professionals has a track record of effectively steering companies towards modern tech solutions that are right for their specific needs.

  • Bespoke IT Roadmap: We create a tailored roadmap for your tech transformation journey, keeping your unique business challenges, goals, and timeline in mind.
  • Knowledge Transfer: We ensure a seamless knowledge transfer process, training your team on new systems while preserving the knowledge of outgoing staff.
  • Ongoing Support: Our relationship doesn’t end with the implementation. We offer comprehensive post-deployment support to ensure your new systems run smoothly and securely.

Ready to modernize your tech stack?

Don’t let outdated technology hold you back. It’s time to leap into the future and transform your business potential.

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