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We are Alliander, a group made up of various companies, including Liander, Qirion and Kenter.

We develop and maintain the electrical grid for millions of users in the Netherlands. That's quite a challenge, especially as the energy transition is now in full swing. Thankfully, we can count on the knowledge and skills of our 7,000 professionals. Together, we devise and realise technically smart solutions to prepare our electrical grid for the future. We also try to minimise our carbon emissions while doing business sustainably.

In this role, you will join the 7,000 employees of Liander, the grid operator. Together, they manage the daily distribution of gas and electricity through our grids. You share your expertise within the System Operations department. On the work floor, you'll find 15 multidisciplinary teams of 7-10 people who are young at heart and ambitious. Although the teams work hard, there's still time for a joke and a friendly pat on the shoulder. Thanks to the intensive teamwork, they are also very close. System Operations works in an Agile way to deliver the energy supply of the future. One example is the spike app, which allows us to predict and resolve spikes in our grid load. This helps us prevent our electrical grids from becoming overloaded and ensures a reliable energy supply for our customers. System Operations is thus an essential part of Liander and is always looking for new innovations that improve our service.

Your energy

As an Energy Data Expert at System Operations, you work with multidisciplinary teams to create the electrical grid of the future.

The energy transition presents Alliander with an enormous challenge. The increase in decentralised generation, increasing electricity consumption, the introduction of heat grids and new gases in a single integrated energy system, alongside the creation of the infrastructure and market facilitation to realise these energy flows, necessitate a fundamentally different approach to our processes and services.

The team at System Operations works hard to deliver solutions that allow us to make smarter and more efficient use of our electrical grids for our customers. And that's where you come in, because you're the team's technical expert. Your daily work involves transforming innovative ideas for our customers into concrete solutions and processes. One example is a new grid structure that allows us to prevent and resolve congestion in the electrical grid. As an expert at System Operations, you are capable of thinking outside the box. You continuously develop new, technologically innovative solutions.


Your environment

You and your fellow experts are the technical core and the beating heart of a Scrum team that brings together expertise about energy technology. As a team, you have the space and autonomy to determine your own course as you design and realise the electrical grid of the future, while coordinating as necessary with your environment. In concrete terms, your work involves developing concepts and carrying out grid calculations to realise customer connections without making major capital investments.

This is how you contribute to an affordable, reliable and stable electrical grid for today and tomorrow:

You are part of one or more multidisciplinary teams that:

o assess and estimate the impact of customer applications, new customer propositions and technological innovations on our grids and systems.

o determine the conditions to allow new solutions to be implemented.

o implement (or arrange the implementation of) technological innovations and modifications within and beyond System Operations in consultation with stakeholders.

At the front end, you ensure effective coordination with our end users and supply chain partners.

You work with your fellow experts/specialists, Scrum masters and product owners.

You prepare and maintain user stories and prioritise these based on the backlog.

Your background

Your energy means you excel as an expert. Your motivation, skills and broad perspective help you take the team to the next level. You actively seek out collaboration, both within and beyond System Operations. You are a hard worker who can operate effectively at the strategic, tactical and operational level, and you don't give up easily. You're not afraid to try new things. At System Operations, we believe in “learning by doing”. This also means you have a huge amount of freedom to work autonomously as a team. This role offers you the opportunity to develop and grow into the role of senior expert or Product Owner.

In your work, Energy Technology and IT come together!

What we ask of you:

  • At least a completed Higher Vocational Education (HBO) or university degree in electrical engineering, energy technology, control engineering, physics or mechanical engineering and experience with IT


  • A completed Higher Vocational Education (HBO) or university degree in IT/Data Science and experience with electrical engineering, energy technology or physics
  • Experience with low-voltage, medium-voltage or high-voltage grid structures or security concepts, load flow calculations, short circuit calculations or selectivity calculations would be an advantage.
  • That you are an innovative thinker with strong analytical skills and problem-solving competences who can bridge the gap between energy technology and IT solutions.
  • That you are flexible and focused on innovation: you are motivated to include your colleagues in new applications (including in non-technical areas).
  • Please note, you must be resident in the Netherlands. If you do not live in the Netherlands, we will not be able to process your application.