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Job description:

Within CIO/IS Development, the Organizer departments are responsible for delivering new or changed ICT applications on time, within budget and with the right quality. These ICT applications are developed on the basis of the "WHAT" question formulated by the businesses via the Information Management Organizations (IMOs). To define and realize the ICT solutions, the Organizer departments have Project managers, ICT Architects and Coordinating information analysts Realization of ICT applications takes place through in-house application development, outsourced application development, implementation of standard packages and the implementation of the necessary technical infrastructure.

The Organizer CIO/IS Infra has a special position. This department is responsible for infrastructure projects where CIO/IS itself is the client. From an organizational point of view, this department has not been placed with Development, but with Distributed Services.

The Organizers always represent CIO/IS in steering groups as main contractor for the realization of the ICT applications.

The ICT Architect works within one of the organizer units of Development or at the organizer CIO/IS Infra at Distributed Services. He/she defines the right ICT solution based on the business requirements and ensures that it is developed correctly.

An ICT Architect can act at two levels: at a mature level or at a senior level. The senior ICT Architects are in charge of content in complex project-transcending architecture discussions and ensure that choices are made and recorded.


  • WO education in ICT or business administration
  • Insight into ICT processes and methods and techniques
  • Knowledge of modern ICT technology, such as J2EE, SAP, Service Oriented Architecture, Event Driven Architecture or Infrastructure
  • Knowledge of business and work processes within the focus area
  • Knowledge of organizational and management principles, analytical methods and techniques
  • Knowledge of data and information architecture
  • Oral and written knowledge of the English language
  • Experience as a project leader
  • At least 5 years of experience as an ICT Architect in a development-oriented ICT environment

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