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Database Administrator

Manages and administers the physical and technical aspects of database systems

Within the Database Administration team you'll be a master of managing

and administering the backbone of our technological infrastructure. You'll be shaping the base definition, structure, and documentation to ensure the long term success of our business operations.

Your expertise will be crucial in configuring, installing and maintaining database management systems, ensuring that our systems are always running at peak performance. You'll also be responsible for managing user access, implementing the highest standards of security to protect our valuable data from unauthorized access.

In addition, you'll be a disaster recovery guru, developing strong backup and recovery plans to ensure that our system is always protected in the event of a failure. Your technical acumen will be put to use, as you support end users and application developers in solving complex problems related to our database systems.

As a key player on the team, you'll implement policies and procedures to safeguard our data from external threats. You will also conduct capacity planning and growth projections based on usage, ensuring that our system is always scalable to meet business needs.

You'll be a strategic partner, working closely with various teams to coordinate systematic database project plans that align with our organizational goals. Your contributions will not go unnoticed and you'll have the opportunity to propose and implement enhancements that will improve the performance and reliability of the of the system, enabling us to deliver worldsystem, enabling us to deliver world-class services to our customers.

Required Technical and Professional Expertise

Oracle OVM administration (Linux based)

  • Capability in user management (non personal accounts)
  • Security & Compliance
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Communications coordination

Preferred Technical and Professional Experience

  • Automation experience, especially IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • Vulnerability management