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Python Data Scientist

Knowledge of various database platforms such as InfluxDB, MySQL etc.

The team Short Term Forecasting develops and operates automated machine learning pipelines that generate forecasts of the load on the grid for the next hours to days, for >1000 locations every 15 minutes. These forecasts are used by System Operations to determine where congestion mitigation needs to be activated, in order to prevent problems on the grid before they even arise. For this team, we are looking for a Python Data Scientist with an affinity for software engineering. They will identify and test the suitability of state-of-the-art AI-techniques to deliver accurate forecasts, tailored to the business processes. Moreover, they will implement these methods in an enterprise-scale IT architecture.

About Alliander

Alliander manages a large part of the medium and low voltage grid in the Netherlands. The energy transition also has consequences for network operators such as Alliander. Digitization is increasingly making an appearance in the management of the grid. Within System operations, approximately 20 scrum teams work on microservices solutions, which together enable the connection of additional customers to the grid while ensuring grid safety.

About you

Your work involves understanding business needs with respect to forecasting, identifying and investigating candidate solutions and finally implementing the solution in an enterprise-scale, 24/7 running application. With your data science knowledge, you are able to rigorously test candidate solutions and draw the correct solutions. With your python experience, you are able to implement the new functionality in a mature and robust way. You are able to think critically, open to new ideas and eager to learn about the challenges of the energy transition.

We are looking for a senior/medior python software engineer with experience in Data Science to contribute to this objective and to further expand it functionally and technically. Extensive programming experience in Python is a must have. You will be working in a scrumteam consisting of ~4 developers, a product owner and a scrum master.

We also ask:

  • Extensive knowledge and experience with data science, >2 years of experience in work environment;
  • Team player;
  • Knowledge and experience of working in a SCRUM/Agile DevOps team;
  • Writing and maintaining automatic tests;
  • Experience with setting up monitoring, logging and alerts to guarantee availability.

In addition, it is important that you recognize some of the topics below

  • Knowledge of various database platforms such as InfluxDB, MySQL etc.;
  • Affinity with the energy sector;
  • Experience and affinity with developing data(science) applications and data modeling;
  • Working within open-source projects.