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Scrum Master HR

Agile + SAFe certified ( and/or SAFe®certifications)


Are you an proactive scrum master who wants to help our HR&O ART forward: Please continue reading!

Job Mission

As Scrum Master you are a servant leader with strong coaching skills and broad Scaled Agile experiences you train your team(s) on Scrum practices, facilitate Scrum events and continuously stimulate your team(s) to improve to highly autonomous yet highly aligned team(s). You are working in close consultation with the Release Train Engineer and other Scrum Masters in the Agile Release Train for HR. You will be helping your team reach new heights with regards to predictability, quality and collaboration within the team, but also within the ART. All of this includes guidance to offshore team members. 

The Scrum Master works closely together with:

  • The RTE of the Agile Release Train for HR;
  • The Product Owner in business for the team(s) you serve and coach;
  • The Developers in your Agile teams;
  • Other Scrum Masters in the ART;
  • The CPO and System Architect for the ART;
  • The Agile Competence Center in ASML and many other stakeholders outside the ART.

Job Description

Main responsibilities

  • Facilitates the team in getting the work done;
  • Guiding the team on how to get the most out of self-organization;
  • Creates transparency and alignment on team speed, quality of deliverables and happiness;
  • Signals and helps to remove impediments to ensure the Agile team gets the work done;
  • Facilitates the team to ensure quality related to own discipline is secured in the team;
  • Creates focus in the team by shielding them from external interferences;
  • Provides analyses of current team rituals, evaluates bottlenecks and advice regarding improvements in team rituals;
  • Helps the people around the team to understand which interaction with the team is helpful or not;
  • Coaches the team with handling dependencies and risks;
  • Align with the Release Train Engineer;
  • Coaches the team to have pre-conditions in place to start a work item (Definition of Ready).

Expected behavior

  • Coaches on agile practices and behavior for everybody in and around the scrum team;
  • Builds team and coaches team members to act as a team;
  • Acts as a servant leader and escalation level for the team;
  • Chairs and drives the rituals (scrum, sprint and program increment), ensures its disciplined execution, helping the team to understand why this is important;
  • Drives team level continuous improvement, i.e. challenges the team in view of the agile key performance parameters towards greater efficiency;
  • Ensures alignment with other Scrum Masters on dependencies;
  • Ensures focus and keeps the teams from getting distracted;
  • Ensures collaboration between scrum teams.


  • Facilitation of the team rituals (planning, retrospective, demo, standups, refinement, …);
  • Report the status of the team’s Program Increment (PI) objectives;
  • Transparency on team performance (metrics);
  • Transparency on dependency and risk status;
  • Report improvements and actions from the retrospectives;
  • Escalations to the release train engineer;
  • Ensure the Agile tooling is up-to-date (Jira);
  • Facilitate impediment resolution and escalation.

I have the best job in the world because…

  • I coach the team to deliver quality on time;
  • I see and help the team grow in their maturity;
  • I am a servant leader for the team solving team impediments;
  • I drive continuous improvement in the team;
  • I can use my wide variety of skills to mentor, coach, facilitate and lead the team and its surroundings;
  • I celebrate the successes of my team, and courageously show progress, impediments and improvements actions that are taken.

Personal skills

  • Excellent English communication and presentation skills;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • Highly-motivated, with a strong work ethic and able to work effectively under minimal supervision;
  • Team building and facilitation, removing roadblocks and knows everything about scrum.

Education and Certifications

  • Master or Bachelor degree;
  • Agile + SAFe certified ( and/or SAFe®certifications);
  • Experience in IT environments of corporate organizations;
  • You are in possession of a valid work permit for The Netherlands.

Skillset: Team building and facilitation, removing roadblocks and knows everything about scrum

Context of the position

At ASML we invent, develop and manufacture world-leading high tech lithography machines for our chip making customers. These tailor-made machines can image billions of structures in a few seconds with an accuracy of a few silicon atoms. Our headquarters are located in the heart of the Eindhoven region, also known as ‘Brainport’, Europe’s top tech hub.

A sub-department within the IT organization is IT Solution Delivery Corporate. This department is responsible for business demand in the IT systems supporting both corporate support organizations like Finance and HR.

You will be reporting to the IT GL HR, MDM and Corporate Hub.