40 uur per week
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Program Management Officer

2-3 times per week on-site (Veldhoven)

The Project Management Office (PMO) addresses a specific challenge, primarily the IT organization's difficulty in delivering IT projects within the stipulated timeframe, budget constraints, and defined scope.

The current focus is on addressing challenges related to budget constraints. While there is some progress, the involvement of the Business Owner and the Release Train Engineers (RTEs) is proving time-intensive. Recognizing the opportunity for scalability, there is a need for a dedicated full-time resource in this regard. Additionally, there is a desire to streamline and control the onboarding process, with the assigned PMO professional responsible for overseeing all High Onboarding Impact (HOI) forms for suppliers.

Key responsibilities include:

  1. Monitoring actual expenditures, comparing them against the budget, and generating the Latest Estimate for the entire Agile Release Train (ADAP), comprising 3 Agile Release Trains (ARTs), 200 Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs), and a portfolio of 30 million euros. There is potential for expanding these services to cover the entire Business Development Area (BDA) with 600+ FTEs.
  2. Resource management, acting as the gatekeeper for the formal onboarding request process and maintaining a record of active resources in different ARTs. This includes tracking individual actuals versus budget, especially for self-employed individuals (ZZP-ers), and managing Purchase Order spends.
  3. Overseeing Statements of Work (SoWs) and subsequent Purchase Order requisitions with IT Business Support.
  4. Generating a monthly report for director-level review, summarizing the monitoring of actuals, budget comparisons, resource management, and other relevant aspects.
  5. Being an integral part of the MDC ART and providing support to the Leading Coalition, particularly the Release Train Engineer.