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Platform Architect

Knowledge of/experience with Data, Compliancy and Vendor systems (AFAS & Microsoft based)

As an Enterprise Architect, you play a crucial role in guiding the department towards shaping the company's critical application and architecture landscape along with its associated requirements. This involves a diverse application landscape that includes both vendor-supplied and internally developed applications, as well as connected applications from clients.

The Architect is responsible for creating the roadmap towards the target architecture of the platform (themes and epics), overseeing the technical and data aspects of the entire platform, supporting the digital department in designing product architectures, and identifying relevant technologies for platform development or architecture simplification. The Architect is involved in adapting and implementing the company's architectural principles within the platform architecture and contributes to changes in the company's architectural principles. Working alongside the digital management team, which comprises the architect, digital manager, product owner, and scrum master, the architect serves as a domain expert to determine the platform's relevance to the company's product value proposition.

Result Expectation

Architectural Principles: Develop and maintain company-wide architectural principles and target architecture.

Platform and Application Architecture Roadmap: Create and maintain the architecture roadmap that includes all applications, technologies, and components needed to meet short-term and long-term business objectives.

Technology Choices: Ensure the selection of appropriate technologies in solution design to meet functional and technical requirements.

Efficiency: Select technologies for products that balance technical debt and continuity costs with development costs.

Architecture Design: Ensure platform architecture and product architecture and design align with current industry best practices.

Technical Debt and Architecture Epics: Propose architecture and technical debt epics in consultation with Product Owners.

Documentation: Maintain documentation of the current platform architecture and technology landscape.

Innovation: Identify, implement, evaluate, study, and promote new technologies for platform development and simplifying the architecture landscape.

Impact Analyses: Perform IT impact analyses for new business needs.

Backlog Prioritization Support: Support Product Owners in estimating and prioritizing the backlog, including architecture enablers and technical debt considerations.

Team Support: Assist in solution architecture and support the work of the Product and Data teams when necessary.

Governance: Ensure compliance with agreed-upon architectural governance, privacy, compliance, and approval processes, including data governance.

Audit: Ensure the proper provision of documentation for audits and follow up on audit findings for compliance and implementation.

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