Meet our legendary explorers


Born in Turkey, studied in Bulgaria and then moved to the Netherlands. Now Ersah’s daily life is about exploring new technologies and new cultures.

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Jermaine challenges himself within his assignment, that makes him a real explorer. To become stronger and become a better functional consultant.

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For Barend Outsystems is so easy to use, especially coming from a nondevelopment background but more a business consulting side

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Wenderson moved from Brazil to the Netherlands and found the family feeling he was looking for at LINKIT. Now he is making an impact on society with data.

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Helping clients driven by knowledge. That’s what’s giving Marieke energy. But also an active lifestyle, alone or together with her team at LINKIT

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Karsten: What makes me an explorer is that I am always busy coming up with new ideas and I am very eager to learn

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Abeer was always told that she has a lot of potential in her, at LINKIT she got the opportunity to fully unleash it.

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Sascha thinks he is an explorer because he is a very curious person. He always finds it very important to know everything.

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During a meetup Orla got in touch with LINKIT. Now, Orla has grown to a OutSystems professional that inspires others and helps them to develop.

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Fullstack Lead Ilker was always fascinated about computers, already before the year 2000.

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Jonathan has always had a passion for designing things. UX design is analytical as well as creative as well as technical and therefore suits him perfectly.

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