A company with impact, but the feeling of a family

As a Data Engineer, Wenderson Ferreira has been fascinated by the impact of data on society since his studies. His insight and knowledge of how to deal with data provided him with opportunities to work at the well-known tech giants. But Wenderson chose a different path. He embarked on a new adventure and exchanged Brazil for the Netherlands. “At LINKIT I found the right feeling, of a company with a big enough impact, but the feeling of a family.”

“What I like about my work is the opportunity to improve the business by using data smartly”. The aspect of knowledge sharing is also of great importance to Wenderson. “LINKIT encourages everyone to share knowledge. That could be writing an article or sharing knowledge in another way.”

“I’m excited to improve business through data.”

While Wenderson works with software during his work, he likes to spend his free time on hardware. “I enjoy working with sensors, microcontrollers and other hardware as a hobby. It is a nice combination with my daily work.”

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