As a UX designer I can be both creative and analytical

What do you do if you are creative and interested in technology? In the case of Jonathan Wigmans, you become a UX-designer. A UX-designer must represent the role of the user as good as possible during the production phase of, for example, a website or an app. A lot of testing is also part of the profession. After all, you can put something together a certain way, but that doesn’t mean it’s used that way. UX-designers try to catch mistakes before the product actually hits the market.

Jonathan: β€œI’ve always had a passion for designing things. As a teenager I was drawing and painting a lot. A friend gave me the tip to delve into UX-design. It’s analytical as well as creative as well as technical and it seemed to suit me well. Well, that was right and that’s how I became a UX-designer. The great thing about the profession is that there is always a new challenge. Always finding a way out of the maze to a useful solution is very satisfying.”

“The great thing about the profession is that there is always a new challenge. “

β€œThe great thing about LINKIT is that there is a lot of diversity within the company. Both in terms of people and expertise. From data, to low-code and from full stack to design. Besides my work I spend a lot of time with my family and I like to make music. At LINKIT we also have our own band, in which I play a part.”

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