Exploring everyday – in IT… and from the Netherlands

The international vibe at LINKIT is coming from colleagues from all corners of the world that work at LINKIT and moved to the Netherlands. Ersah is a good example of such a colleague. Born and raised in Turkey, studied in Bulgaria and then moved to the Netherlands for a better career perspective. “LINKIT matched my expectations and that’s why I decided to make the step. But also, I really enjoy it to learn about the culture in the Netherlands. I want to adapt and be part of it.”

Starting a new career in another country is challenging, also in IT. “IT is changing fast. Every day I’m learning new things, new technologies. And because I’m new in the Netherlands, I also learn new things about life here on a daily basis.”, explains Ersah.

“IT is changing fast. Every day I’m learning new things”

“Everybody at LINKIT wants to improve in his or her career and wants to learn more about that specific area of expertise”. Helping each other and making progress every day is important. The knowledge sessions that LINKIT organizes are important for Ersah and his squad. Not only does Ersah train his knowledge, but also his muscles. In his free time, Ersah is very active and does a lot of exercise, powerlifting, running, and cycling. “Those are also the places where friendships are created: during outdoor training and in the gym.”

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