40 hours per week
Starting on 1 February
159 Days ago
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Functional Application Manager

Job description:

The Information Management Organization (IMO) supports the business and staff units by improving processes, organization and information provision and monitoring the proper functioning of the ICT facilities. The specifications for new functionalities are drawn up by the IMO and the technical solution is realized by Information Services (IS), which also guarantees the technically correct functioning of applications.

Within the IMO there is a Functional Application Management (FAM) department that acts as functional manager of all implemented applications. The officer manages a number of assigned sub-applications at possibly different geographical locations. This involves working with multiple operating systems ('platforms'). Consignment services can be used to handle malfunctions. The financial and operational risk of failure with regard to business-critical applications is very high. The financial scope of functional changes ranges from 20,000 to approximately 100,000 euros per release/set enhancements.

Skills & Tasks:

  • Testing functionalities, describing manuals and adding new users
  • Works partly independently and helps determine the priorities for his own work
  • Investigates problems of a light and moderately complex nature and solves them (partly) independently
  • Manages 1 or several (partial) applications
  • The application(s) in question is/are of light to medium complexity
  • Processes minor change requests, possibly using colleagues

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