Excel in dealing with the user, the business and finding solutions

A very diverse job: that’s what’s giving Marieke her energy. “The nice thing about my role is that it touches multiple aspects: I work with users, with the business and I have to come up with solutions for challenges.” Marieke got in touch with LINKIT and was directly enjoying the small-scale ambience while being a company of respectable size. Colleagues know each other very well, collaborate well and everyone has a broad range of opportunities to develop.

“Everything I saw made all pieces of the puzzle falling into place. I can see that the people at LINKIT want to help each other wherever they can.”, explains Marieke. To keep the quality and knowledge on a high level and ensure to be able to help our clients with the latest insights, keeping all this knowledge up to date is important. “Certifications are important to us.”

“People at LINKIT want to help each other wherever they can.”

“To improve our team-spirit, it’s also important to do other things together.” Besides working hard at LINKIT’s clients, Marieke is also actively working on her own wellbeing. Alone, and with the squad. “In my free time I like to play golf or go to the forest. Twice a week I give online workout trainings for our own squad (and for the rest of the company as well)”, explains Marieke.

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