I think we’re all born as explorers

Ilker Altin, originally from Turkey, is leading the Fullstack squad. He thinks that everyone is born as an explorer and that everyone has to explore their own life. He also did some exploring himself. He was always fascinated about computers, already before the year 2000.

Ilker: ā€œI was buying a lot of computer magazines and I was trying to learn software programming on paper. Without even having a computer. I started to work for LINKIT because one of my friends was working for LINKIT back in the days, and then there was an open position. I feel like I’m at home at LINKIT because of the welcoming environment and friendships in this company. I don’t feel like I’m working for a corporate company, I feel like I’m working with a bunch of smart people in our own startup.ā€

“I feel like I’m working with a bunch of smart people in our own startup.”

ā€œI think we’re all born as explorers. LINKIT is encouraging everyone to explore their technical careers or business careers and supports us with different tools and budget, resources, whatever we need. That is our goal, that is our main priority. Share the knowledge, encourage people to be the best version of what they’re doing. That’s how we work at LINKIT.ā€

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