Abeer always had a lot of potential

Meet explorer Abeer ElAssal, originally from Egypt, who is an OutSystems developer at LINKIT. Ever since she was in high school, she loved software. For her it was some kind of crazy magic until the moment she decided to study it. She was always told that she has a lot of potential in her, but she never got the opportunity to fully unleash it.

Abeer: β€œWhen I got in contact with LINKIT, I saw the opportunity for me there. There were a lot of opportunities that can actually use all the potential in me, and that’s the thing that I loved about it. It wasn’t just another job presented to me where I had to do some coding and do some development and then it would just be the end of the day. The open door culture helped me grow into what I like, into leading and taking initiative. The support that I found with LINKIT in that matter helped me maximize acting like the teacher. I was given the opportunity to actually share knowledg and using the user groups. I think I was really lucky that LINKIT supported that in my home country, which I’m really grateful for. All the support that I got from LINKIT to help me travel to Egypt and do the user groups there is also why I enjoy sharing knowledge.”

“The open door culture helped me grow into what I like, into leading and taking initiative.”

β€œI become more grounded when I do a workout or when I do yoga. So I actually become more aware of my body and become grateful for it. I keep myself busy with things that I enjoy besides work and trying as much as I can to actually enjoy both.”

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