How ambitious starters become Mendix Developers

Mendix Low-code

The Mendix traineeship offers ambitious starters on the labour market the opportunity to develop into Young professionals with substantial experience as a Mendix Developer within one year. Led by Bob van Heijster (Mendix Squad Lead at LINKIT), the participants follow an intensive training program in a professional, accessible and innovative environment to improve their technical skills.

Recently the last group of participants started the traineeship, the first eight weeks of which consisted of an intensive bootcamp. The participants and Bob share their experiences and perspectives on the traineeship in two articles. In this article, we meet Karsten Smits (27), Marloes van der Haagen (25), Remco ter Horst (28), Suleyman Rabbani (31) and Toon ter Horst (26).

Also, do you want to read Bob’s story? You can read it here.

What is your background?

Karsten: “I worked as a Service Assurance Specialist at FedEx Benelux. I focused on improving business processes and dashboard development to monitor these improvements and set KPIs. Then, via-via, I conversed with Bob (van Heijster, ed.). His enthusiasm about low-code and his background interested me in the traineeship.”

Marloes: “After completing my studies in Information Science (bachelor) and Human-Computer Interaction (master), I came into contact with LINKIT. How Shadeé (Braun, ed.) described LINKIT and what potential Mendix offers made me choose the traineeship.”

Remco: “As Functional Manager at the Flevo Hospital, I managed and maintained the SAP system. Still, I wanted to develop myself further. After my conversations, those opportunities appeared to be at LINKIT.”

Suleyman: “Actually, I am the odd one out. I have a biology teacher (bachelor) background at Utrecht University. However, LINKIT convinced me to take the step to IT and become a Mendix Developer, and I can only conclude that it has been a great step.”

Toon: “With a Master’s degree in Behavioral Biology, a step into IT seems a long way off. During my search for an IT traineeship, I ended up at LINKIT. I have heard and read a lot about the traineeship, and now, six months later, I am one of the participants.”

“LINKIT convinced me to take the step to IT and become a Mendix developer, and I can only conclude that it has been a great step.”


How would you describe, in three words, your experience so far?

Marloes: “Educational, versatile and interesting.”
Karsten: “Inspiring, committed and innovative.”
Suleyman: “Challenging, educational and above all fun.”

What surprised you the most?

Remco: “The set-up, content and intensity were exactly as I expected. Yet the experience is still very challenging and satisfying.”

Suleyman: “What surprised me the most was how much I learned about so many subjects quickly. Think, for example, of CSS, HTML, Java(script) and Mendix-related topics.”

Toon: “Despite my limited IT background, I was amazed at how quickly I could develop a basic application in Mendix after a week. It clarified that you can quickly learn to program without an IT background.”

What is your role within LINKIT now?

Suleyman: “I am involved in Mendix Squad projects, such as the LINKIT knowledge app. This app aims to understand better the Mendix platform, where users are brought together to share knowledge.”

Karsten: “As a Mendix Developer at LINKIT, I am working on an insurance company assignment. Besides developing, I also focus on the UI/UX side of the application.”

Marloes: “I am in the final phase of a project for a retail company, after which I will immediately continue with a new project. In the meantime, I am expanding my knowledge with courses in JAVA and Javascript: something LINKIT encourages its employees to do.”

Remco: “I, too, am working on a Mendix assignment at a retail company. It feels good to put all the skills I’ve learned into practice.”

Toon: “I recently completed my first project with a customer. I now give Mendix training to employees of a retail company, and I can apply my didactic skills well.”

“In the meantime, I am expanding my knowledge with courses in JAVA and Javascript: something that LINKIT encourages its employees to do.”


What advice do you have for future Mendix trainees at LINKIT?

Karsten: “Read and practice with Mendix Learning Paths before you start the bootcamp to become a Mendix Developer. This way, you become familiar with it and get to know your way around the platform. In addition, don’t be afraid to ask questions so that you understand.”

Toon: “Don’t compare yourself to other trainees, colleagues or interns. Everyone has their qualities, and over time (and a lot of practice), you will notice that the knowledge gap is getting smaller. Everyone is ready to help you, but you must dare ask for it.”

Marloes: “Above all, enjoy yourself and get the most out of it, even if you receive a lot of information. Time flies, but it is a great experience that you can immediately put into practice.”

Suleyman: “Try to maintain the work pace you maintain during the bootcamp and afterwards. It will make your learning curve grow, and you will improve faster. And dare to ask questions to experienced colleagues.”

Remco: “Stay focused and proactive. Hands-on learning is the most effective way to understand and learn to develop with Mendix. The more effort you put in, the more you get out.

“Read and practice with Mendix Learning Paths before you start the bootcamp.”


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