38 hours per week
Starting on 12 February
79 Days ago
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UX Designer

Designers are expected to grow into T-Shaped professionals where they show deep craftsmanship (the stem of the ‘T’) in at least 1 or multiple crafts (depending on maturity), but also at least proficiency in other crafts (the crossbar of the ‘T’).

The fundamental idea is that T-shaped professionals boost the productivity of a team because they reduce the need for handovers and increase the team’s flexibility to optimize the flow of work through the team.

The following key result areas are in place and cover the complete design process:User Research

Understand users through applying various quantitative & qualitative research methods

Communicate insights from research to key stakeholders, through the use of most suitable (service) design deliverables



  • Use core (service) design methodologies to create problem statements and design briefs
  • Plan, lead and facilitate design sessions with stakeholders and/or key users to co-create (conceptual) solutions
  • Create prototypes to test assumptions of concepts and spark new ideas



  • Communicate design considerations to different audiences, including PO, engineers, management and potential customers
  • Effectively communicate, defend, and build consensus around concepts and direction
  • Match design and copy to ensure optimal results
  • Create the final design for product teams
  • Align on the User Experience and ensuring a consistency throughout products by applying and contributing to the design system


  • Ensure the product created is in line with the intended design
  • Gather user feedback on products and ensure learnings are taken into account in the design & development process
  • Collaborate closely with analysts in gathering, analysing and interpreting data to improve the product based on goals and KPI's


  • Bachelor or Academic level through degree.
  • Digital Native with digital product management focus.
  • Strong communicator with excellent presentation skills.
  • Customer centricity by nature.
  • Open minded.
  • B2E experience (pre)
  • Data visualization
  • Experience with organizing sessions
Om de betrouwbaarheid en integriteit van kandidaten te toetsen is screening onderdeel van de sollicitatieprocedure. Voor vragen over de screeningprocedure kunt u contact opnemen met de vermelde contactpersoon bij de betreffende vacature of interim opdracht.