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An introduction to cloud

Cloud computing has been around for more than a decade. Cloud providers such as Microsoft with its Azure Cloud have drastically changed the way organizations deal with hardware and its management. It enables organizations to focus less on the infrastructure and more on the product. Furthermore, cloud automation makes things around managing a cloud even easier. LINKIT is specialized in advising and helping companies in setting up a mature cloud environment, driven by automation and modern cloud technologies.

Why should you go cloud?

Cloud computing offers a plethora of benefits that can revolutionize the way businesses operate. One of its primary advantages is scalability and flexibility. With cloud services, you can easily adjust your computing resources to meet changing demands, thus enhancing IT agility.

Next, the pay-as-you-go model minimizes upfront investments, allowing companies to make more efficient use of their IT budget. Cloud solutions also bolster IT robustness and reliability by reducing downtime risks. Service providers typically offer robust backup and disaster recovery options, ensuring that data is safeguarded against unforeseen disruptions.

Furthermore, cloud services offer global availability, enabling businesses to reach customers and employees across the world seamlessly. This global reach not only expands market opportunities but also fosters collaboration and innovation. Summarized, cloud computing empowers businesses with the tools they need to thrive in today’s dynamic and interconnected world.

How cloud has changed the accessibility of technology, explained by LINKIT cloud expert Dick van Straaten

How we help you with cloud computing

You will need more than only the cloud tools! Let our cloud consultants help you with starting your cloud journey.


Say goodbye to old technology! We help you with modernizing by adopting new cloud or cloud-native technologies which result in lower costs & increase your IT agility.


We help you automating manual processes and creating a fast environment so you can focus on delivering quality solutions for your end clients.

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Competence center

Our in-house certified cloud experts assess your IT maturity and provide training to give your team the needed cloud confidence.

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We work with clients to support their businesses with cloud deployment. Read below about the projects we have done before.

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