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Data Engineering Apprenticeship (Starts Feb 1st 2020)


40u per week




Data engineering


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De Meern, Utrecht

Starts Feb 1st 2020 - 1 year contract with 2-months bootcamp - we sponsor the visa

A Data Engineer at LINKIT will build, maintain and support data-intensive platforms such as data streaming , industrialization of Data Science, machine learning and much more in enterprise environments. Are you curious, fast-learning and would like to contribute for the growth of colleagues and customers? Join the team! 


  • 1-year contract with a 8-weeks intensive bootcamp to get you up and running
  • Starts Feb 1st 2020
  • LINKITs headquarters: Rijnzathe 9, 3454 PV De Meern
  • Work in a project together with Sr. Data Engineers after the bootcamp!


LINKIT offers a unique opportunity to an exclusively selected group to expand their network and knowledge:

  • Salary from day one
  • Small groups, personalized approach and coaches
  • Trained by top-notch engineers that work with this, not just talk about it
  • Practical hands-on approach
  • Interactive knowledge-sharing
  • Real-life customers


We all hear data, machine learning, real-time AI and how the world will be different. Data Engineers are crucial parts for this and formal trainings at universities lack the velocity to adjust to the market demands. LINKIT's clients are eager to have Data Engineers, and LINKIT being a knowledge-driven IT sourcing partner with 20 years experience in creating, building and managing innovative IT solutions for top-500 organizations and governments could not shy away from this.

To be in line with the accelerating data engineering market, we created a modular defined educational program based on the latest next-gen technologies and insights.


What you will learn:

  • Scala & Python
  • Building and Using APIs
  • Testing
  • Lots of technologies and tools: Hadoop, Elastic, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Kafka, Spark, Flink, Kubernetes, Docker, Keras, ...
  • Using different Data Stores: SQL, NoSQL, Key-value, Document, Object Storage, ...
  • Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment
  • Cloud-Native Data Pipelines - Databricks, AWS (Glue, Athena, Kinesis, ), Azure (Data Factory, HDInsight, EventsHub, ) and GCP (Dataproc, Dataflow, PubSub, )
  • Soft skills like, how to do interviews with clients, how to extract information from business users and make sure you are building the right thing.


  • Programming experience
  • Data savvy
  • Ambitious & curious
  • University degree
  • Committed

LINKIT; Top Employee & more than 20 years great at what we do!

LINKIT is an open and informal organization where we strive to achieve our goals and ambitions. People are motivating and helping each other, successes are being celebrated, and meanwhile there is always time for a get-together, team outings, games, and, of course, the Friday afternoon happy hour.


At LINKIT all consultants are part of an expertise team (we name them: squads). As member of the Data squad you will be able to share knowledge with other squad members during our club days (biweekly during office hours!), visit events, attend trainings, and join our social events! Our squad structure enables our employees in their personal development, by facilitating a squad specific knowledge matrix, a personal development path, transfer of knowledge, and, of course, dedicated time!

Don't you meet all the requirements? No one does! If you feel confident and you are a curious person, let's talk! 

We highly encourage people from Underrepresented Groups to apply to this position and come work at LINKIT!

For people from abroad, we sponsor the visa!!

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    40u per week

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