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Startdatum op 3 juni
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Infrastructure Engineer

Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh regarding op-prem to Azure migration

For a major insurance company, we're looking for an engineer with knowledge of Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh infrastructure layer. The client is looking to improve it's OpenShift Kubernetes Service Mesh in light of an on-prem RHEL 7 to RHEL 8 Azure Cloud migration.

Initially, you'll help put together a client-proposal with regards to this improvement, and then join the actual effectuation i.e. engineering of the project.

Project Description: Architecture review of Service Mesh


Review and propose points of improvement of the current Service Mesh

architecture in the following domains:

  • Deployment topology, installation and upgrading mechanisms
  • Use cases of Service Mesh and governance model
  • Integration, operation and use for the different IT teams (developers, operators, …)
  • Ingress Management: TLS, certificate management, …
  • Egress Management: mTLS, certificate management, zero trust egress, …
  • Logging and Telemetry: Use cases and implementation design
  • Documentation of findings and recommendations in a Consulting Engagement Report