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Job description:

Organizational context (extra)

  • The Coordinating Information Analyst works at an Organizer unit of Development.
  • The CIA reports to:
  • Hierarchical to the Manager of the Organizer unit for smaller units
  • Hierarchical to the Group Manager within the Organizer unit for larger units
  • Functional to the Project Manager in projects

The CIA works together with employees from various departments, often in a joint AF/KL team setting and at different locations. Examples of intensive collaboration include:

  • The IMO of the relevant business domain (Business Architect, Information Managers, Business Analysts, FAM)
  • The Project Architect and Project Manager
  • (Lead) Developers from the various Competence Centers
  • AF Employees from the various Agencies in Paris, Toulouse or Valbonne
  • Various groups within IS Operations (AOS, B2C, Technical Engineering) and Distributed Services, including the CRM organization
  • User representatives from various departments in the business domain
  • Various internal or external IT suppliers


  • WO working and thinking level obtained through ICT training or experience
  • Insight into application, development and business architecture
  • Knowledge of Information Management, methods and techniques
  • Knowledge of business and work processes within AF/KL
  • Oral and written knowledge of the English language
  • Experience as a project leader
  • At least 5 years of experience in IT, including information analyst in a commercial or Passenger Operations environment
  • Focus the professional interaction with the customer (business) on asking thorough questions and being critical about customer requirements

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