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CDO Information Management Senior Consultant

ASML is looking for a T-Shaped data expert!

Job description:

For ASML data is an asset which has an increasing business value and which we need to protect and properly manage. Therefore managing our data assets (quality, definitions, owners, change control,..) becomes increasingly important. Do you like to structure, define and model data landscapes, and are you able to use your skills in a very dynamical and high-tech business environment? Are you capable to work multi-disciplinary with various stakeholders like business, different projects, processes & IT applications to secure the consistency within ASML? Then we are looking for you!

Job Mission and description:

Your mission is to successfully guide the change(activities) onto mature ASML in the area of data & information management. You thereby address the Enterprise data as well as the Machine data domain. In this role you are responsible for shaping, owning and implementing the roadmap through alignment with various ASML sectors and business lines. You are able to understand which data is most critical to ASML’s success and ensure it gets prioritized in the roadmap. To do this effectively, you understand ASML’s most important KPIs and what data is needed to report on these KPIs.  In doing so you are helping the business to move towards the availability of trustworthy data sets, while helping ASML move towards trustworthy KPIs.

Linked to the roadmap, you are responsible for cross-ASML alignment by supporting in the preparation for several information management governance bodies. These bodies, consisting of senior director and representatives, play a key role in the budgeting, prioritization and commitment that is required for successful delivery of the roadmap. You are a very capable stakeholder management who can create enthusiasm and get commitment your plans, through effective communication and preparation. By acting as a true ambassador you will lead a cultural change of ASML’s awareness on the importance of data. By elevating awareness and educate business stakeholders, you will make sure data gets recognized as one of ASML’s key assets.

Apart from roadmap and governance, as a consultant you are on top of any missing element needed for success. Anything ranging from communication strategy, to process templates, to (computer based) training material, that can be improved or developed, you are the person to observe the gap, propose adjustments and drive implementation. In this role you own the entire picture covering all activities required for such a large-scale corporate-wide implementation.

Next to tactical and strategical thinking, you also play the hand-on role delivery expert, kick-starting delivery of trusted data sets by engaging stakeholders and creating working groups with subject matter experts, guiding various groups of people simultaneously delivering trusted data sets in different domains, of which its details will be  properly registered and approved in our ASML Data Governance Center. As a result, you will gain in-depth experience in different areas and data domains across ASML, while shaping an extensive ASML network.

CDO consultant in a specific project:

In this function you will also act as an CDO consultant in a specific project. You will need to have the skills to clearly understand and document the information need which is required for this project. Based on those clear definitions you have the skillset to backtrace the required information to the data source. If the data lineage is made transparent, you will work together with business process owners and DevOps teams to make that data available from the source systems for consumption purposes. In that process you will ensure the proper governance to secure the reliability of the data from the source towards the report or analytics that will consume the data. You will also safeguard the right interpretation of the information that resides within the report. Bringing the report, analytics methods and KPI's under formal governance and change control.

The team:

The CDO ambition is to ensure availability of high quality and trusted data for ASML management, employees and customers. By treating data as a valuable asset, we are able to unlock its value for ASML and increasing our revenue, realizing operational excellence and protecting our company. The CDO office is currently positioned within IT and focuses on establishing ASML-wide common foundation that are needed to realize our data ambition, including data & information governance and corresponding data architecture. The culture within CDO is informal, open, direct, pragmatical and result driven.

Who are you?

You typically have a T-shaped competence profile in which you like to combine your business senses, supported by a good understanding of the underlying technology. You should be able to understand the vision and requirements from business, and translate them to data and technology. You are far from shy in finding your way in the organization as well as the technology environment. You are able to structure your ideas and findings, and present tangible strategic and improvement proposals.


  • Structured project management skills
  • Design and implement frameworks and processes.
  • Pro-active, driven individual that is looking to grow
  • A combination of strategic & pragmatic execution skills
  • Independent, flexible and pragmatic through a ‘Getting things done’ mentality
  • Have a strategic, data-driven vision and being able to see the bigger picture
  • Effective communication skills and proficiency in the English language
  • Creative stakeholder management skills, collaborative attitude and build relationships at different levels

Deep skils:

  • Understanding of Data mesh, Databases, Data pipelines, data models
  • Understanding of Data Assurance / Data validation
  • Understanding of (SAFe) Agile

Background and education:

It is key to have the following experiences:

  • 5+ years relevant experience, preferably in (strategy) consulting
  • Experience within relevant domains such as Data Management, Data Governance, Information Management, Trusted Data, Data Mesh,  Enterprise digitization, or other related domains
  • Knowledge about both business as well as the technical data domain is key (T-shaped profile)
  • Academic (or experienced Bachelor) degree e.g. Business administration, Business Information Management, Data- and Computer Science, Econometrics, or other relevant domains