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Solution Architect

Experience with Cloud Migrations

Job description:

The candidate will be part of Data & Technology, platform Integral Planning and Control (IP&C). 

Immediate need is to support the Business Process Analysts on the team with technical integration aspects of tightly coupled software components in the

KLC infrastructure:

  • Lufthansa Systems (LHS) NetLine suite, running on-premise and managed by LHS;
  • Business Data Vault (BDV), a Microsoft SQL Server-based data warehouse owned and managed by the KLC business data team;
  • TIBCO middleware integrations, owned by IP&C and managed by the KLM middleware team.

Examples of touch points serviced through this technology stack:

  • MyDutyPlan, allowing crew members to view and update assigned flight schedule;
  • MyFlight, allowing cabin crew to see their upcoming schedule and team members;
  • Crew member check-in and bag labelling

These touch points are the responsibilities of other teams, but they rely heavily on above software components to work correctly. 

Currently running on-premise with legacy, custom developed SOAP web service endpoints, NetLine is projected to migrate to vendor-managed Software-as-a-Service. As part of this migration, the legacy SOAP endpoints will be replaced by the LHS standard Data Provisioning Platform (DPP), which is suite of REST-based web services.

Once we are ready to execute (projected start within 9 months), the candidate will be instrumental in identifying and developing DPP-based alternatives for the current integrations. Ensuring GDPR compliancy of personnel data processed by these integrations is integral part of the assignment.


  • Strong knowledge of SOAP and REST web services;
  • Strong knowledge of JSON, XML and XML Schema (XSD);
  • Strong knowledge of T-SQL;
  • Working knowledge of Oracle RDBMS client configuration;
  • Working knowledge of TIBCO Enterprise Messaging Service middleware;
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server;
  • 4+ years experience developing API client applications in Kotlin;
  • Previous experience with SaaS migrations is preferred but not required

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