Recruitment & Selection


We match your need to our best IT specialists on the market. LINKIT only supplies professionals who are up to scratch as regards know-how and competences and who fit into your corporate culture.

Recruitment the way you would do it

If you opt for IT recruitment by LINKIT this means you subcontract to us the process of recruiting, selecting and contracting suitable IT specialists. Our point of departure is the long-term relationship between you and your professionals. This is what our entire selection process is based on. We also pay close attention to candidates' quality, skills, personal characteristics and references. LINKIT recruits for the government, business, non-profit organisations and other IT companies. Recruitment is carried out under our own brand name, or indeed yours. The top-recruiters at LINKIT always manage to find the best IT professional to fill your vacancy.
  • 30+ IT professionals recruited
  • High placement percentage
  • IT Security specialists
  • SAP professionals

Recruitment & selection case

Global IT service provider

This IT services & IT consulting company, which is extremely well-known in the Netherlands, works with two Preferred Suppliers for Recruitment & Selection and one of those is LINKIT. Thanks to the many years of cooperation between both parties LINKIT has an enormous amount of knowledge and experience of this client's business, working method, focus and corporate culture. Consequently, LINKIT is in a unique position to find the right matches with suitable IT candidates, not only in the field of technical skills and abilities, but also as regards competencies and personality. In the case of this IT consultant LINKIT is achieving an unprecedented placement percentage of more than 70%.
We like working with LINKIT when it comes to recruiting and selecting IT specialists. We notice in all kinds of ways that they know us through and through. When LINKIT proposes a candidate, the person in question is almost always the right match. That makes the collaboration so enjoyable.
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