Managed Service Provider:


With LINKIT as your managed service provider for IT personnel, you have a single supplier for the entire hiring process. A single contract and maximum transparency. 

Recruitment tailored to your wishes

As Managed Service Provider (MSP) LINKIT is first in line to fulfil your request for IT professionals. In such instances we commit ourselves to providing you with the optimal candidate as regards quality, competences and matching personalities. If you wish, you can take the final decision about the appointment. Our MSP Solutions mean you can count on the most efficient way of sourcing your IT specialists, tailored precisely to your requirements. LINKIT can channel your hiring process, take over contracts and implement fee and quality benchmarks. Never again will you have to devote a disproportionate amount of time or money to finding your ideal IT specialist. This approach means your business never gets held up. 
  • 250+ IT professionals
  • IT architects
  • Cloud Specialists
  • Software developers

Managed Service Provider case:

International IT supplier

After an intensive selection process, this famous Business & IT consulting company chose LINKIT in 2013 to be its Managed Service Provider for Strategic Outsourcing Netherlands. All contractors from previously 10 suppliers are now contracted by LINKIT. As Master Vendor, LINKIT now has priority when it comes to fulfilling requests for new and replacement staff. The cooperation in the field of offshoring and optimising the workforce is new and crucial both to this client and to LINKIT. This generates significant cost savings for the client as regards hiring in IT staff, while simultaneously improving quality. 
LINKIT has proven itself to be a reliable partner time and time again. They achieved the complex transition almost without any problems. In addition they continually put forward suggestions for improvements in the field of quality and flexibility. 
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