Correct hiring agreements and invoice verification. LINKIT manages your contracts to free you of any hassle. The same applies to the additional liability associated with hiring staff.

We relieve you of the risks

The temporary hiring out of specialised IT personnel is our core business. We are fully aware of the latest rules and regulations in the field of social security insurance and tax-related legislation. Our processes for hiring in and hiring out staff are set up in such a way that makes chain liability impossible. In that way your company can avoid the risks involved in hiring additional IT staff. LINKIT contract handling is your stress-free guarantee of the best IT specialists, perfect invoicing and rapid and straightforward access to management information about your external staff. 
  • Efficient contract handling
  • Correct hiring
  • Timely transfers of IT specialists
  • Reliable partner

Contract management case:

Worldwide consultancy

This organisation consultancy with an international reputation (which offers services for management, technology and outsourcing) has cooperated with LINKIT since 2014. On behalf of this client, LINKIT arranges the contracts with mediators and with suppliers without a framework agreement. This service also includes contracting international suppliers of IT specialists. Thanks to the cooperation, this consultancy knows it can count on IT specialists being contracted efficiently. LINKIT's NEN 4400-1 certification means that this client no longer has to worry about liability as a hiring party. 
LINKIT combines actual knowledge of employment and fiscal (international) law with a pragmatic approach. Even the hiring in of IT specialists from other countries, which at first glance would appear to be complex, is something they do expertly and efficiently. That is something that appeals to us enormously. LINKIT understands that contract handling is more than just bookkeeping and archiving.. Very satisfied indeed! 
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