If you want to motivate your employees in an innovative way, or want to promote dialogue internationally, LINKIT can develop extremely attractive and challenging game tools which help you achieve your goals.

Strong on any field of play

Gamification makes scoring easier, better and more fun. LINKIT gamification training courses are an ideal way of harnessing people's drive and motivation, for example in performance, competition, status, communication and self-expression. Every good training course is based on an intensive and unique creative process. We like to encourage you to add a fun element to your corporate objectives, even at international level if that is necessary. All you have to do is ask, because the enterprising IT specialists at LINKIT like to play hard ball when it comes to interaction and design.
  • International IT management
  • 16 IT managers
  • 9 days' training
  • Mobile app
  • Specially for the IT sector

Gamification case

Global IT service provider

A successful IT project is not just a question of bringing high-quality IT specialists together. Teams – often put together on the basis of technical skills and jobs – have to cooperate with people with different characters and behavioural competencies. These things can be trained. LINKIT developed and customised an IT Gamification process for this consultancy which included tailor-made games and a personalised online tool. Under the motto: demonstrate, do it together, and do it yourself, international colleagues of this client were able to learn, within a space of 4 months, how they can work together more efficiently without making concessions as regards technical input and qualities. 

LINKIT gave us the necessary guidance at precisely the right time and helped our project and client teams to start functioning more effectively. LINKIT offers a complete package and one that is also specifically tailored to the IT sector. Why are we so keen to work with LINKIT? They put forward ideas and services which are really useful to us when we ask them to and voluntarily as well.
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