LINKIT places the best professionals in the most innovative assignments at the top 500 organisations in the Netherlands. Come and join our network!

Plenty of space for enterprising IT people

If you want to work on interesting projects where technology, innovation and your know-how come together, then LINKIT is your best connection in the market. We place IT professionals like you with major clients such as IBM, KLM and T-Systems, as well as with government institutions such as Wigo4it and DJI. There is also plenty of space for enterprising and broad-minded people at LINKIT itself. Join us to build valuable solutions for our clients. All our projects are fascinating challenges for both freelancers and people in permanent positions. LINKIT will find assignments which suit you. We are good at assessing your abilities and finding a place where you will feel at home. After all, we believe there is a logical connection between your happiness at work and our clients' satisfaction.

I have been an independent project manager, specialized in software development projects, since 1999. LINKIT got me my first assignment at the time. LINKIT really knows their clients and recognizes “the question behind the question”. Before I am introduced, LINKIT has made sure I am the right match with the client in question, which is not only of interest to myself and LINKIT, but especially to the client. They are presented with a candidate who meets the criteria and fits the company’s corporate culture.
Marcel Wilmink
Project manager
I have been working at LINKIT since 2006 and at IBM I worked my way up from being a technical support employee to a coordinating team leader position. That was exactly what I wanted! I planned this development into a coordinating management position, managing a technical team, together with LINKIT. Since October 2015, I have been working at Robeco as a Run in Control engineer with coordinating responsibilities. This position not only constitutes a significant step in my personal development, but also means I will continue to be of value to LINKIT.
Tim Groenendijk
Run in Control engineer
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