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Increase IT execution power with an extended ecosystem

The ambition to innovate quickly often conflicts with finding the right IT talent. The demand from organizations is still much higher than the supply, causing them to struggle with achieving IT and business objectives. Many cannot execute IT projects as they would like due to lacking knowledge and capacity.

There are several solutions to this challenge. One short-term solution is gaining access to an extensive ecosystem of IT professionals. LINKIT offers high-quality IT professionals within a short timeframe. We build on over 26 years of experience and an extensive ecosystem of suppliers, freelancers, and LINKIT explorers. Knowing our customers, personal involvement, and commitment to quality ensures a high-quality ecosystem with additional IT capacity.

Benefits of increased execution power

As an organization, you want to achieve your IT ambitions. However, you are dealing with a tight labour market, which means you don’t have the right expertise and IT talent on board to realize your plans. You need temporary or long-term support to strengthen the execution power of your teams.

Achieve business objectives

Solving capacity issues with IT personnel ensures that projects are completed on time, keeping you on track to achieve your goals. It also allows quick responses to market changes, helping you maintain a competitive edge.

Flexible through an extensive ecosystem

Having access to an extensive network of IT professionals helps quickly find the right expertise. Additionally, it reduces the risk of delays in executing IT projects and offers flexibility. By leveraging an extensive IT ecosystem, you can scale up or down according to the current needs.

Additional knowledge enrichment

Introducing new IT professionals brings the team a fresh perspective, specialized skills, and up-to-date knowledge. This fosters innovation and enhances the problem-solving capacity of IT teams.

Our services

To achieve your digital ambition, it helps when you have the right knowledge, people, solutions and execution power. Whatever IT challenges you have, LINKIT helps you achieve this digital ambition. Read below to see how we help increase IT capacity to ensure execution power.

High-quality sourcing of profiles within 48 hours

Quickly find high-quality IT profiles within 48 hours to address urgent staffing needs, ensuring projects continue smoothly without delays. An extensive ecosystem and over 26 years of experience allow us to match the right profile efficiently. See below for our focus areas of expertise.

Fast and high-quality secondment of professionals

Quickly deploying skilled professionals for short- or long-term assignments allows you to fill critical roles and maintain operational efficiency. Our processes are optimized, and our teams are adept at understanding the request so that we meet the requirements and provide profiles that truly fit the role.

Optimization of procurement for the government

LINKIT specializes in providing simple and smooth service to various government organizations. As a preferred partner in tenders, government institutions can rely on a dedicated team to deliver high-quality, suitable profiles, ensuring that organizations can achieve their goals.

The guide to reach your digital destination

Are you facing delays in IT projects and objectives? Or do you want to scale up flexibly to strengthen your team’s execution? Having access to a flexible ecosystem ensures that you can achieve your ambitions.

We strive to thoroughly understand every request for an IT professional and go beyond matching the requirements on paper. LINKIT can quickly and effectively link the right IT professional who will truly make a difference in the effectiveness of dealing with any IT challenge. Curious how?

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