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Modernize to stay competitive

There is a gap between the business’s ambitions and realizing the right IT solutions. IT projects often take longer and are more complex than previously thought. As a result, companies are falling behind the competition. Traditional development can’t keep up. So, it’s time to accelerate and become future-proof!

Companies are trying to replace outdated software to grow and transform digitally in a rapidly changing digital world. Modernizing applications allows you to quickly adapt to market changes, increase customer experience, and reduce IT costs while increasing efficiency. However, many companies face challenges due to a lack of expertise and complicated systems that slow progress.

Benefits of IT Modernization

As an organization, you want to quickly adapt to market changes and improve customer experiences. However, you are dealing with outdated or standard technologies reaching their limits. You need updated software to respond quickly and efficiently to a rapidly changing world.

Quick, customizable applications

Software development benefits from new technologies such as low-code platforms. These platforms allow developers to create and customize applications with less code and complexity, increasing flexibility and enabling more developers to contribute to realizing valuable solutions faster.

Shorter time-to-market

Modern technologies such as low-code and test automation shorten IT project lead times. Combined with an Agile way of working, this results in faster release cycles, bringing products and services to market faster.

Reduced IT complexity

Modernizing IT often means adopting cloud-based solutions and replacing software built in outdated (high-code) programming languages.

Companies often face a lack of knowledge due to experts leaving and the scarcity of new skilled professionals. This transition to a less complex IT landscape improves scalability, increases security, and reduces the need for extensive in-house knowledge and maintenance.

Our services

To achieve your digital ambition, it helps when you have the right knowledge, people, solutions and execution power. Whatever IT challenges you have, LINKIT helps you achieve this digital ambition. Read below how we help you modernize IT systems to stay competitive.

Low-code software development 

Low-code is a revolutionary way to build applications quickly and efficiently. Because of the rapid development, you can adapt quickly and gain a competitive advantage. With low-code, you create software without extensive programming knowledge. Writing your code is no longer necessary because of the pre-made building blocks. In addition, the visual interface and drag-and-drop functionality help you design the desired functions. Do you need customization? Low-code gives you the flexibility to add your code. LINKIT helps you build modern business applications.

UI/UX design & strategy

A clear and reasoned plan is the starting point for successful application modernization. Our UI/UX experts help ensure that the IT solution you want to build or modernize is what customers want and will use. IT projects fail less when time is immediately invested in understanding the user’s problem and building the right solutions. A design sprint can be a first step. It is the first phase in our 4D approach.

The guide to reach your digital destination

Are you frustrated by your current software’s limited capabilities? Or do you want to take the next step in digitalization? Having a partner brings a fresh perspective to your organization. We do this by working through the 4D modelDream-Design-Develop-Drive.

First, we want to understand your development question and explore the smartest solution together. Can we convert an Excel sheet into an app? Yes, sure! But let’s first examine what problem we are creating a solution for. That way, we challenge you to come up with a smarter solution.

We then work on the solution together or independently. As guides, we work daily with organizations to achieve their digital ambitions.

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