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Business Automation

Process automation with modern technologies

Flexible automation in changing markets

Companies are battling to keep up with market demands and competition. The challenge to automate processes quickly and efficiently is crucial for survival and growth.  

The business is aiming to automate repetitive and nearly identical processes to achieve cost savings, scalability, error reduction, faster payments, and improved cash flow. However, changing demands from the business are affecting IT and legacy IT environments (and lack of knowledge) slows down the agility to adapt to these changing demands. 

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Benefits of business automation

As organization, you want to automate your processes as flexibly as possible. You have to deal with changes that make obsolete or standard technologies reach their limits. You need new automation that allows you to precisely match your unique processes.

Scalability and flexibility

Automation processes with modern technology enables companies to streamline operations, reduce errors and lower costs by automating routine tasks. This scalability allows businesses to handle increased workloads without proportional increases in staffing and resources, supporting growth with efficiency. In many industries skilled professionals are scarce and vacancies remain open for a long time. Automation serves as a vital solution for this issue. 

Flexibility of companies increases with the use of modern technology by allowing companies to quickly adapt their processes to changing market conditions and new business strategies.  

Increased efficiency 

Business calls for better use of modern technology to allow companies to reallocate efforts towards innovation and strategic initiatives, instead of spending resources and time on repetitive activities that require a lot of human labor. Just like the benefits of automation for scalability and flexibility, it also greatly boosts efficiency, and that way reduces costs.  

Enhanced competitive edge 

Using modern technology to automate processes equips companies with the ability to adapt and gives them the competitive advantage by improving speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

Next to that customers’ demands and expectations have increased a lot over the last few years. Technology can help to increase customer satisfaction through quicker and more reliable services. This helps companies to stay ahead in dynamic markets.  

Our services

To achieve your digital ambition, it helps when you have the right knowledge, people, solutions and execution power. No matter what IT challenge you have, LINKIT helps you achieve this digital ambition. Read below how we help you automate business processes quickly and efficiently.

Modernization of cloud environments en -applications

Modernization involves updating old technology and tackling tech debt by embracing new technologies. It’s crucial to keep costs down, boost IT agility and security, and build a sturdy environment. We assist clients in leveraging Cloud, AI, data, and low-code platforms to develop a robust IT infrastructure that ensures seamless digital experiences.

Automation of processes with the power of Azure

Automation involves utilizing software and tools to streamline and simplify the management, deployment, and operation of resources and services. Having an efficient IT infrastructure is critical in today’s digital era. We support you in automating manual processes and creating a fast and simplified environment so that you can focus on delivering quality products and services to your users.

Automating claim processes in insurance industry

One of the more industry-specific use cases for automation through modern technology is automating claim processes for insurance companies. The insurance sector faces many challenges, from growing volumes to increased workloads in policy and claim approvals to the competitive job market. This makes recruiting skilled professionals difficult. Moreover, integrating new technologies and harmonizing processes after the acquisition of smaller companies brings additional complexities.

LINKIT offers solutions designed to streamline operations and improve efficiency. Equipped with an in-depth understanding of the industry we help insurance companies transition from production work to knowledge-driven businesses. We’ve even built a SaaS product for this purpose: 4SURE.

The guide to reach your digital destination

Are you running into the limited capabilities of current automation? Or do you want to start automating business processes? Having a partner brings a fresh perspective to your organization. We do this by working through the 4D-modelDream-Design-Develop-Drive.

First, we want to understand your development question properly and explore the smartest solution together. Can we convert an Excel sheet into an app? Yes, sure! But let’s first examine what problem we are creating a solution for. That way we challenge you to come up with a smarter solution.

We then get to work on the solution together or by ourselves. As a guide, we work daily with organizations to achieve their digital ambitions.

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