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Increasing expectations & increasing pressure

In all layers of logistics, the expectations and demands of customers are increasing, and the ‘standard’ of service you expect is becoming higher and higher. Technology offers a wide range of possibilities to integrate and automate systems or by using IoT solutions (RF scanners and GPS). Although the potential is massive, so are the challenges. Many of the larger and often older transport companies struggle with persistent legacy problems with their Transport Management System. This prevents them from easily connecting their TMS to other applications and automating and providing insight into processes. At LINKIT, we have proven that we can offer a solution for this: custom-made TMS software, with low code. With HIVE, we also provide our own solution to easily manage and set up large numbers of IoT devices.

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Trends in logistics

The international transport chain is under pressure. The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted transportation and manufacturing industries. Companies are faced with logistical challenges where the need to optimize further or automate processes is increasing. Connecting customer and supplier systems can help with this. Artificial intelligence and data can predict capacity and inventory problems and get ahead of them. Sustainability is also an essential theme with rising energy prices and global climate targets. Digitization can help to organize the chain as efficiently as possible. Less unused space equals less transport and pollution. A robust TMS is critical here.

Exceptional pressure on the supply chain

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Sorting out a very complex challenge for KLM Cargo

Integrating a complex puzzle of new & legacy systems

KLM Cargo Complexe-IT Uitdaging

KLM Cargo moved its sorting unit of mail and small packages to a smaller space, opting to immediately automate processes and reorganize their business unit. This meant integrating and aligning systems and processes for a new business unit into the existing and complicated landscape of Air France-KLM systems. These include the global mail processing system and the warehouse management system (WMS), which are used by various business units.

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