Bartosz, DiVetro and LINKIT win three tenders

De Meern – The consortium of the leading specialist companies DiVetro, Bartosz and LINKIT, has been selected as a supplier for the flexible IT hiring by government agencies SSC-ICT, Logius and the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa).

The contracts will take effect in early October. For the consortium with regard to Logius and SSC-ICT, this is a continuation of the contract, as it had already been awarded the tenders in the previous tender. NZa is a new one. The framework agreements have a term of four years with a total estimated value of 235 million euros. In addition to the consortium, 5 other parties were selected for participation in the tender at both SSC-ICT and Logius. Two other parties have been selected at the NZa.

Core group with flexible composition

For each tender, the consortium is composed of specialist companies with specific competences or technologies. The core group consists of DiVetro, Bartosz and LINKIT. DiVetro supplies information analysts, sourcing specialists, directors, agile consultants and project managers. Bartosz provides agile testers. LINKIT (main contractor) provides system and application developers and integration and infrastructure specialists. Specialisterren, a social IT company in the field of testing (automation), has also been part of this consortium for many years.


As a digital government service, Logius is part of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. Logius offers facilities and sets standards that all government organizations use in their digital services. The best known of these are DigiD, MijnOverheid and Digipoort.


The Shared Service Center ICT is part of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. It is one of the largest full-service IT service providers in the country and supports more than 50,000 workplaces and mobile devices in the Netherlands and at embassy posts all over the world. In addition, SSC-ICT provides the hosting of the government data center (ODC) in Rijswijk and offers IT services that require extra high security levels.


The Dutch Healthcare Authority (NzA) supervises the Dutch healthcare market, which includes both healthcare providers and insurers.

Proof of quality

According to Eric Holierhoek, CCO at LINKIT, winning the three tenders again is clear proof of the consortium’s continuous quality:

β€œThe core of the consortium has now been working together for almost 7 years. This is precisely why we manage to deliver consistently high quality. We are also constantly looking for further perfection, because increasingly higher demands are requested.”.

Patrick Rikken, director of DiVetro characterizes the strength of the consortium:

“customer orientated, substantive approach, quality first, focus on specific fields and complementary cooperation as if we were one organization”.

Maarten Piepers, managing partner at Bartosz ICT, adds:

β€œIt gives great satisfaction to seek cooperation with a number of niche parties, each within their own field of expertise. In this way we offer our professionals challenging assignments at important government institutions. And for our customers we open up a range of professionals with corresponding knowledge that was previously difficult for them to reach.”